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Dr. Scott Moore,

I hope you will enjoy my wiki on Smartphones as much as I enjoyed this class! And although it isn't the purpose of the project, I think if anyone was in the process of deciding which smartphone to buy, my site would be perfect for them. I now consider myself an expert on the subject. Understanding this topic, as well as using the tools for company research, really helped me in my interviews with Microsoft and Google this fall. So for that, and my full time job, I thank you!

Understanding the Setup of my Wiki
The smartphone industry is hard to follow at first because there are so many factors in play (carriers, manufacturers, and software providers). There is so much "Vocab" that you have to know, from names of phones (that change across different carriers) to User Interface Enhancements (like HTC TouchFlo or Sense, Samsung TouchWiz) that manufacturers add on top of Operating System software. Lastly, for new phones, they always have "Code Names" that seem to change weekly. This makes for a hard time reading up on articles at first, because it is difficult to follow what the writers are saying. So for a new analyst coming into my position, I set up my site to inform them of the current offerings first, so they could wrap their head around what the industry is like today. From there, I move the site towards helping them understanding the trends, news and activities of the industry.

NOTE: There is a "How to use this site" paragraph on the home page. I don't think you are looking for that here, but in case you are, it can be found there.

What I Think you should Know

  • The Industry Overview is my favorite page. It contains all three of the major groups of players (mnfct, carrier, OS) and how they relate, as well as links to sites for all of them. While this page is probably too large for a traditional wiki, I wanted all this info together so the analyst could get a great sense of how everything related without constantly switching back and forth between pages. I think it was a success.
  • My homepage provides one click access to EVERY page on my site. Especially cool is the News Area, where I used the list pages module to collect news from 4 different categories, (which can be found in Current Events).
  • The album of Smartphone Pictures on the homepage is a collection of my personal favorites. Later this year, I plan to add pictures by all the reviews as well.
  • The resource evaluations can be found by selecting the "Search Tools Analysis" Link under the Analysis and Blogs section, which will bring you to a page with links to all the resources. Otherwise, you can select an individual resource from the "Resource Evaluations" drop-down menu.

Other than that, everything is pretty straight forward. I hope you enjoy reading it!

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