Social Sites (Digg vs. Yahoo! Buzz)

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With the introduction of Web 2.0, the internet users were able to interact with the webpage by commenting on posts, voting and uploading contents. As a result, the web has grown significantly in size and activity. To monitor these changes while allowing users to contribute to the content, social news sites were developed. In this blog, I will talk about the history of Social News Sites and what they are. I will also do an in depth analysis of two different Social News Sites: Digg and Yahoo! Buzz.


What are Social News Sites?

Social News Sites were originally created by Slashdot and Fark. These sites allow users to vote, tag, and upload news stories by using links. With the large number of votes, the system is able to rank the stories based on number of votes and duration of uploads. These sites became extremely popular with the introduction of Digg, which combined the power of Delicious and Slashdot’s features. As number of these sites increased, a new form of social sites was introduced, which only aggregated the results of different social sites into one area.

Benefits and Cons of using Social News Sites

Due to the social vote aspect, the results tend to be very relevant
Provides a unique experience
Some can be cumbersome to start (need to register…)
Some are complicated to use



Digg has a lot of things going on in their website, which makes it very interesting and fun to use. The layout of the site is pretty exciting. It is very colorful with thoroughly organized contents. The top menu contains different categories of interest such as gaming, sports, and entertainment. The homepage contains the most popular contents based on votes, and updates itself every five minutes. The link sites tend to be good news source, but sometime have blog posts that are not that relevant.

This site was really useful for me where the news feeds allow me to stay up-to-date while enjoying some of interesting posts. Furthermore, there is a search tool bar, which helps me to locate relevant news. Although there are no search options to narrow the search, users can breakdown the links by source and age of the content. These features were not helpful in my opinion. However, there is a section that monitors the trend of users’ searches, which is neat fun feature of the site.

There is also a Facebook feature associated with Digg, which allows users to post their content through Facebook. This is a really unique feature and a big time saver. Since I do not need to visit Digg in order to contribute, it saves me time by using the Facebook interface. I am a big fan of this tool.

Good contents
Provides a unique experience
Exciting layout
Some minor useless contents such as blogs (depends on the purpose of the search)
Lack of search options

Digg Tutorial

Yahoo! Buzz


Yahoo! Buzz is very similar to Digg in contents and features. This site is also a Social News Site that allows users to post contents and vote on the popularity/relevance of the article. The first impression of the web-page seems to be more exciting with the colorful layout of the section. The dramatic photos of the articles make it more eye-catching as well. The right section of the homepage lists the new contents that were uploaded onto the site, which updates itself every five minutes. Compared to Digg, Yahoo lacks organization. There is no large category section on their website, and the users must use the small category pull down menu to access the right category. This tends to be cumbersome and annoying.

On the other hand, the contents seem to be scattered around. There are a lot more blog posts here than Digg, and most of the contents look unreliable. Yahoo also has two search bars (one for the Yahoo search engine and the other for Buzz), which is very confusing for the first time users. Furthermore, once the search is executed in the Buzz section, there are absolutely no options for the users to narrow down there search. Granted that the purpose of these sites is to allow users to contribute, searchers must be able to locate very specific articles. As a result, I would not recommend using this site for Social News.

Good contents
Exciting layout
Confusing layout
No of search options
Lack of organization

Yahoo Buzz Orientation


Overall, Digg seems to be better social news tool than Yahoo! Buzz based on my experience. It seems like there is more activity on the Digg site than Yahoo’s interface. Furthermore, the search experience for Digg seems to be much better than Yahoo. It locates more relevant results while having more search options than Yahoo. Furthermore, the Facebook connection program by Digg is very useful tool that saved me a lot of time. I would strongly recommend using Digg for Social News Site.

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