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Do you think in squares? I do. And that's what Google Squared hopes to help us achieve. Google Squared is one of the new forays into the search business, taking unstructured data all across the web, and labeling, categorizing and sorting them in the database. Google Squared extracts the data from the web and present them in squares in an online spreadsheet.

Squared's Features and Improvements

Launched in labs in May, Google Squared is still under some fine-tuning. Check out the videos below for product demonstrations.


Google Squared in my opinion is particularly useful when comparing many alternatives (eg. chick flicks, laptops, attractions). There is little need to sift through pages and pages of results just to hit the jackpot. It's been useful to have learnt about the search syntax and ways to target my search better. Google Squared on the other hand, lets me keep my search query brief while returning relevant results in a format that is pleasing to the eye. I especially like the feature that allows me to add a column to increase quality and quantity of data returned. Google Squared also provides column suggestions so you can simply follow their lead if you're not feeling too creative.

Click the links below for my searches using Google Squared:
Atlanta attractions
Jane Austen's books
Accounting firms

Google Squared vs. Wolfram Alpha

One fundamental difference. Google presents you with more information. Google searches the web; Wolfram Alpha searches a database.

Wolfram Alpha, takes a slightly different approach in that it simply ingests massive amounts of information into its own databases where it can query it to its heart’s delight. Wolfram’s databases currently store only 10 terabytes of information, a tiny fraction of what is on the Web.
Turning the Web into a giant database will crush any attempt to segregate the “best” information into a separate database so that it can be processed and searched more deeply.

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Given what Google Squared has to offer, I'm eagerly anticipating new updates.

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