Asset Management Industry

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Since this is my last blog entry, I would like to start by thanking Professor Scott Moore (my BIT330 professor) who managed to teach me so much about the search industry and so many different useful search tools that I had no clue about. This wikidot page would not have been possible without him.

Now I will talk about the various things in my wikidot page and what I think about them.


The sources I used are under in the resources page, under each kind of resource before evaluating them. I have also provided in-depth explanations about a lot of the tools I used in the Blogs on how I used what I learned in class to search for the AM Industry. Also, in the Search Engine Analysis Assignment, I used a lot of the queries that I have used throughout the semester to look for information on this industry.

One reason why I regret choosing this topic is that I could not use a lot of search engine tools such as image search and video search that we learned in this class to apply to my project. Being an industry that isn't as big as the Investment Banking Industry, it was almost pointless to look for videos etc.

My Resource Evaluation

My resource evaluations are under resources as well. They provide my evaluation of a number of tools that I used and did not use for this term project. I have clearly used the format that you recommended to use while evaluating search tools and have presented it in an organized manner in the form of tabs.

Due to lack if time, I wasn't able to create more evaluations for search tools that I had evaluated, but in the end I think I did a good number that are relevant to this industry.

My Background Content And Company Information

The background content I displayed was mainly based on the recession and the role that top Asset Management Firms played in helping the government during the recession. This information is easily findable under the Asset Management Industry tab in the Top Menu Bar.

Though short, I don't think there is any more information required. I think you get the gist of the industry from this background. Along with the background, I have included 2 major company backgrounds (namely blackrock and Vanguard), to give an idea to the readers about what goes on in the Asset Management Industry. One of the reasons I chose to talk about Vanguard was that I had done a lot of research in the Indian market based on the strategy used by Vanguard during my summer internship in Bombay at an Asset Management Company (Motilal Oswal Asset Management Company) there.

Current Events

I have created a page for current events, where I create the specific event page in the same way as I create a blog entry. I have tried to format it in a certain way (tried formatting only after a few entries).

This page is one of the only drawbacks I see in my wikidot page. I would have liked to update it more often but just have not had the time. I was taking 6 classes with 17 credits and so was unable to give as much time to any of the classes I was really interested in as I would have liked to (as you know this class was really so much fun; much more fun than the other monotonous b-school classes in which we don't apply what we learn instantly and in such a fun manner).

Information Specialist Tutorial

My AM Tutorial page successfully describes ways in which people can get up to speed with the AM Industry. If it doesn't touch on a topic, it links it to one of my blogs or resource evaluations for more information. Thus, it shows a person how to easily get up-to-date with the Asset Management Industry by either talking about it or easily linking him to page that will go further in depth.

Wikidot Use


Starting from my homepage, my Wikidot page is very well organized. I put in extra effort just to make sure that my wikidot page was easy to use and easily accessible. I usually hate websites where I can't find what I am looking for. There are links to almost every aspect of my wikidot website on this page in the 2 paragraphs that are written. There is also a list of my blogs, list of ongoing current news, and a list of RSS Feeds that I have been sharing on this page.

If the homepage isn't enough, the Top Menu Bar will definitely be. This Menu Bar takes you to all the different sites within my Wikidot website easily.

The side bar is like a quick Menu Bar that allows you to certain websites quickly.


I have successfully provided links in each page to other pages within the website and to other pages outside.


All the pages are tagged in an appropriate manner.

Appropriately structured wiki pages

Have a number of different pages which are interlinked in a well-defined manner.

I hope this blog is useful in helping you grade my term project. I really enjoyed your class and I'm sure all the students who take this class in the future will enjoy it too.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License