A Shopper's Best Friend: The Find!

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Shoppers used to have to jump through hoops to find the best bargain on a product. They might go from store to store, or collect newspapers to find the best coupons, or talk to everyone they know to decide which brand to purchase. Now, shoppers can not only stay home and shop in their pajamas, they can also cut out the extra steps and do all their research at once. Introducing the smart shopper’s best search-engine friend, The Find!


So I found myself wondering what search engines were interesting enough to cover…what's new? What's hot? A visit to Google News led me in the right direction…the query? ["search engine" news]. The results?

TheFind Search Engine

The Features

The front page resembles Google in its simplicity. A search bar is in the middle and different options for searching are listed above. For Google, these options include news, reader, images, etc. On The Find, these options are: Products, Coupons, Reviews, Local, and Green. Liz and I are very excited about what this site can do. For an example of how cool the site is and what the features offer, let’s talk blenders:


Product Search

  • Results: “Found 7,306 stores with 117,067 products matching blender”
  • Prices: You can set a price maximum and minimum
  • Stores: Check all stores where you’re interested in shopping, as well as looking at eBay
  • Colors and Brands: Pretty self-explanatory
  • Note: When you scroll over each product, more specs come up with links to the store’s website, reviews on that particular product, and more. It’s nice to not have to click on every product to find out more about them.

Coupon Search

  • Results: “Found 963 stores with coupons matching blender”
  • The coupons are sorted by stores and describe what kinds of offers are available. You can also click on a “share” button to share these coupons via email, AIM, or social media sites.

Reviews Search

  • Results: “Found 39 reviews matching blender”
  • These reviews come from sources such as overstock.com, epinions.com, and housewares.about.com.
  • One result: Great review, totally useful
  • Another result: From blender.com, a review of Katy Perry’s latest album. Not so great review. Won’t help me in the kitchen.

Local Search

  • Results: “Found 32 stores…” and these stores are in the Ann Arbor area.
  • I didn’t enter in any geographic information, so I’m a little creeped out that it knows where I am. But as a search feature, this is nice because it always takes a long time to go to each website, search for a product, then find that it’s only available in Deluth, MN.

Green Search

  • Results: “Found 47 stores with 2,080 products matching blender”
  • When you scroll over the products, there isn’t a good way of knowing why it’s described as Green. While I think this is a good idea, it might be more useful for certain products than others. Such as a freezer.

The Rating: 9/10

Normally, I'm not crazy about "niche" search engines. I'm not convinced that they do a better job than the all-encompassing search engines, like my BFF Google. But I think that this search engine offers search options that I wouldn't have thought of on my own, which gives it a great advantage. It's also simple enough that users know exactly when to go to this site before trying Google. But I didn't do that many queries and I don't know how effective it is with different products. But if you're looking to make an informed shopping decision from the comfort of your own computer, check out TheFind!

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