When I Teach This In 2010

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This page is going to contain my (periodically) updated thoughts about what to do in the next version of this course.

Tools that I should definitely include next year

At suggestion of students

  • Pipes (a full day on this)
  • Factiva
  • Diigo (over delicious)
  • VideoSurf (emphasize over other video search)
  • Addict-o-matic (emphasize on twitter day)

My own thoughts

This is where I need to reflect back on what we just did.


What to do? Different?

Suggested structure of next year's project

I tried to clarify what I wanted for the project, but it's still the case that too many students could not figure out (though many could, obviously) from the instructions what was required for this project. So I'm going to use the following next year as a way of (I hope) simplifying the instructions.


  1. Home page
    • One sentence description of the topic of the site
    • Instructions (containing links) on how to get started
      • Pointer to tutorial
    • Table containing five most recent news analyses
    • Search engine field
  2. Current events
    • One "news" entry per week summarizing what went on in the industry that week; include links to stories
    • Possibly multiple pages if you're doing companies and a specific industry (or possibly not)
  3. Background
    • Contains a brief overview of the topic
    • Contains many pointers to Web sites, Web pages, videos, etc. — whatever would be appropriate to get the analyst up-to-speed on the topic
    • Lots of text is not needed on this page; you are simply showing the analyst all the good information that is scattered on the Internet
  4. Tutorial
    • Describes how to get up-to-speed on this topic
    • Describes how analyst should work their way through this site
    • Describes how analyst should use the most useful tools (for this particular topic) to find new information (web sites, blogs, news, twitter information, deep web, videos) and to keep up to date on changes (RSS feeds, page monitors, twitter feeds, and email alerts)
  5. Blogroll
    • Contains list of RSS feeds subscribed to
    • Contains evaluation of each of these feeds
  6. Custom search engine
    • Contains the CSE itself
    • Contains a description of the resources behind the CSE (pages, sites, additional terms, or whatever)
  7. Web page evaluations — this contains evaluations of the primary content-based Web sites that you relied upon for this site
  8. Search tool evaluations — this contains pointers to separate pages that evaluate each of the types of search tools that you learned about:
    • General Web
    • Web directory
    • Blog search
    • News sites
    • Video search
    • Image search
    • Tag/social sites
    • Deep Web
    • Real time search
  9. Notification tool evaluations — this contains pointers to separate pages that evaluate each of the types of change notification tools that you learned about:
    • Site-based email alerts
    • Search-based email alerts
    • Page monitors
    • Twitter monitors

Menu structure

  • Basics
    • Home
    • Tutorial
    • Search engine
    • For prof
  • Industry
    • Background
    • Analysis
    • Stories (brings up shared RSS feed items)
    • Blogroll
  • Evaluations
    • Web pages
    • Search tools
    • Notification tools
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