Class 2009

This contains lots of information from last year's class. I want to make it as easy as possible for you to do well in this class while also learning from last year's students.

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  1. First status report
  2. How to organize your project wiki
  3. Third status report
  4. Feedback at end of semester


  1. Investment Banking Industry by bryblumbryblum
  2. Alternative Energy in the US by Eric BrackmannEric Brackmann
  3. Start Up Process by dylanbdylanb
  4. HIV/AIDS Non Profit Initiatives by CaitdCaitd
  5. Automobile Industry by HcflowHcflow
  6. SEMCOG Transit Panel by thauckthauck
  7. Software-as-a-Service by BrianHeM10BrianHeM10
  8. Mortgage Industry by HermatzHermatz
  9. Walt Disney Pictures by Susan KennedySusan Kennedy
  10. U.S. Travel Services: Airlines by laytosplaytosp
  11. Internet Infrastructure by tmuirtmuir
  12. Apple the Company by dpnickdpnick
  13. OIL: U.S. and the World by roopakroopak
  14. Defense & Aerospace Industry by mlrossitmlrossit
  15. Music Recording Industry by schmidkeschmidke
  16. Social Networking by jenstanjenstan

Schedule (show all)

Date Title
09/03/2008 01-Introduction
Description of what the course is about, what we'll do in the class, why students should take it, why all their friends should take it.
09/08/2008 02-Web search
Discuss basics of Web search and why students should use multiple search tools (rather than just Google).
09/10/2008 03 Wiki Instruction Day
We'll go over techniques and tricks related to using this wiki, which will also be the host of your term project wiki.
09/15/2008 04 Search Techniques And Strategies
We go over several standard search techniques and strategies.
09/17/2008 05 More Search Techniques And Strategies
We go through the exercises related to search techniques; we also discuss evaluating sources from the Web.
09/22/2008 06 Web Directories
While focusing on Web directories, we learn about several different ways of using the work of others to help find information on the Web.
09/24/2008 07 RSS Intro
We are going to introduce the topic of RSS feeds.
09/29/2008 08 RSS Lab
We are going to work through more exercises allowing you to explore RSS feeds and related tools.
10/01/2008 09 News Search
We learn about the major news search tools, as well as how to integrate them with your knowledge of RSS.
10/08/2008 11 The Deep Web
We learn what the deep Web is and why we need to care about it.
10/12/2008 12 Project Day
We are going to discuss the term project.
10/15/2008 13 Email Alerts
We are going to discuss the different types of email alerts, how to find them, and how to generate them yourself.
10/22/2008 14 Page Monitors
We discuss page monitors and then go into some detail about advanced RSS feed-manipulation Web sites.
10/27/2008 15 Tag Based Sites
We discuss social news and bookmarking sites.
10/29/2008 16 Image Search
We discuss and explore the variety of image resources and search tools available.
11/03/2008 17 Custom Search Engines
We discuss custom search engines, and how you can build your own.
11/05/2008 18 Exploring Connections
We discuss several tools that you can use to explore connections among Web sites and, more specifically, from other Web sites to yours.
11/10/2008 19 Test
We take the test today.
11/12/2008 20 Geography Based
We discuss all types of geography-based search tools and resources.
11/17/2008 21 People Search
We discuss several different ways to find out information about people through their Web presence.
11/19/2008 22 Videos And Music Search
We discuss several different ways to find out information about people through their Web presence.
11/24/2008 23 Google
We have a visitor from Google.
11/26/2008 24 Other Search Sites
We explore many of the most recently created search engines.
12/01/2008 25 Metasearch Engines
We discuss and evaluate metasearch engines.
12/03/2008 26 Yahoo
We have a visitor from Yahoo.
12/08/2008 27 Wrap Up
We wrap up this semester's activities.

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