03 Basic Twitter Tutorial

These exercises are meant to run you through a few of twitter's capabilities so that you're familiar with them when you need to use them.

  1. Upload a headshot (settings/picture) to your twitter account so that I know who you are when you post a message.
  2. For your twitter account, fill in all the information under settings/account
  3. Find out twitter usernames of people in the class (if you want) and use the follow and on commands (as appropriate)
  4. Go to the [http://twitterholic.com/ list of popular twitterers and see if you want to follow any of them.
  5. Twitter (from your phone, if possible) and tell everyone your favorite LS&A class and professor (and why, if possible) — that is, update your twitter status with this information.
  6. Send the message from your phone that turns messages on from me (drsamoore).

try http://www.twitterfall.com/ to see what people are tweeting about mike_danhofmike_danhof

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