10 Real Time Information exercises

As you work through these examples, both in-class and out-of-class, I want you to Twitter some information. When you use a web site that you really like or don't like or really don't understand, send a public twitter:

#bit330 NameOfTool: XX: yourReaction

  • The XX should be a number 1-10, reflecting your ranking of the usefulness or interestingness of this tool. (10 is highest; 1 is lowest.)
  • Your reaction should be just that — highlight what you liked or didn't like.
  • I would expect at least 5-10 twitters sent from each of you.
  1. Use several of the real-time search tools to look for information about the following:
    • current news
    • a consumer good
    • Michigan
    • #bit330
    • your term project
  2. Use Topsy to search for the same information as above, but it'll give results from the Web based on information found in tweets.
  3. Use several Twitter search tools to search for the same information as above.
  4. There are a lot of interesting Twitter trends Web sites right now. Some are more useful than others, but all of the ones listed here are interesting. Use several of these sites to search for information about the above.
  5. Investigate the distribution tools and become familiar with how you can use Twitter to share a YouTube video.
    • Use TweeTube to share one of your favorite YouTube videos with your followers. Be sure to include #bit330 in the accompanying message.
    • Use TwitPic to upload a photo from your phone. Be sure to include #bit330 in the accompanying message.
  6. Use the local search tools to search for information on the above.
  7. Use the Twit search tools to search a couple of the topics above and see who or what is returned.
  8. Look through the each one of the "Other Twitter tools". I found each one of them to be a potentially useful site that I could envision using.
  9. Check out the tools under "Organization" — one of the to-do lists and the sticky-note application.
  10. As you use Twitter more, you might find the tools under "Using Twitter" to be useful.
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