Office location

My office is R5410. To get to my office, take the elevator to the fifth floor of the Ross building. When you get off the elevator, turn right. My office is the first one on the left after the conference room.


Dr. Scott A. Moore
Ross School of Business, E5410
701 Tappan
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1234

Various affiliations

Other Web sites

I have a Facebook page; my username is scottalanmoore.

I have lots of tags under delicious.

My twitter account is drsamoore.

I have a blog about the Ross BBA Program. I haven't updated this in a while. I've been bad.

Office Hours

I will hold "office hours" in the Winter Garden on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 3:30 until 4:30pm (or so). I am doing this as an experiment. Last year I had maybe 5 visits from students all semester. Since students wouldn't come and see me, I'm going to come and see students. I will also visit with BBAs who aren't in the class while I'm there. If I'm just chatting with some student, let me know that you're there so that I can help you.

If none of these times work, then please come by my office at any time. If you knock and I answer or if my door is open, then I'm available to talk (about this class, the BBA Program, or anything at all).

Asking me questions electronically

You have a couple of choices:

  • Email me a question with BIT330 at the beginning of the subject line. This will help my email program highlight your email.
  • Use twitter:
    • Become my follower (so that you can see any announcements I make to the class).
    • Send a direct tweet to drsamoore (or a tweet @drsamoore) if you want to contact me personally.
    • Include the hash #bit330 in every tweet related to this class so that we can track them later.

The family

My daughters:
My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel:
My mutt (part German short-hair, part husky, part other stuff):

You'll hear more about my wife during the semester, I'm sure.

And I also have two cats.

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