04 Search Technique Notes

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General Questions

  • In blogs, the title can be whatever you want it, but the last part of the URL has to be the [blog: title]
  • Bloglist is a program that goes through all the blogs and orders them in a particular fashion
  • Easy to rename pages, down at bottom of page: click options, rename
  • It sometimes may be easier to use a text editor rather than type in your web pages

Don’t forget, bullets are asterisks and numbered lists are pound signs

How to Create a Blog Entry

  • Type "blog:name of blog" at the end of your personal wiki page URL (or type it in the “add new page” box)

Why Do Search Engines Return Different Results?

  • Different files that they index
  • Different search syntax accepted
  • Processing of search results differ, different back-ends

Why Use a Search Engine?

  • The main point of using a search engine is to find information fast
  • Goal of class is to become masters of search techniques
  • The simplest tools are the words and phrases you type in
  • Some operators target specific parts of a document (i.e. intitle:subject)
  • Others target the URL
    • flintstones inurl:umich OR inurl:lib
  • Some target sites
    • flintstones site:www.lib.umich.edu OR site:umich.edu

Helpful hints

  • Unique words and phrases are key
  • Make your queries as specific as possible, as early as possible
  • You have to realize the different ways things can be named or referred to
    • Formal references: last name, first name
    • Places can be more problematic
      • Use zip or area codes

Search Engine Practice

  • Use related searches to narrow your query
  • Open queries in new window – less easy to close a query
  • Try to think of what the document would be called or what kind of information it would contain when searching
  • Directory function of Yahoo is like “tree tagging” – not random, but in categories
  • [Define] function returns specific results, just like weather or map
  • Ideally, put what you would like to find in your results as your query

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