16 Wikidot Day

Website Popularity

  1. Are you wondering if the website you're using is well known, oft-used, or dying out?
    1. You can go into Google Trends to look for websites (hmm, digg.com is dying)
      1. If you sign in, you can actually get the volume scales on the side of the graphs, telling you the daily unique visitors
    2. You can also use Alexa
      1. It can show you for yesterday, 7-day, 1-month, etc.
      2. Options include percent of global users who visit the site, traffic rank, page views, etc.

Wikidot Issue and Options

  1. Can we make templates for things besides "blog:"?
    1. Change "blog:" to something else such as "news:" or "newsstories:"
  2. If you want to see how to do tables, look up coding for announcements under his homepage
  3. Images not showing up
    1. Make sure the image is all one word
    2. Particularly important if you're uploading files. For example, it should be "mypic", not "my pic"
  4. Header Images
    1. Notice his page has an image on top. We want images, too
      1. However, there will not be a grading box for the project that says "is beautiful and glorious", so don't worry
    2. There are lots of links on his page for this day
    3. The header code is what makes it possible to change the image on the top of the page
      1. Go to: http://www.wikidot.com/common--theme/**MYTHEMEHERE**/css/style.css
        1. This is the code for the theme you want to change
        2. The naming for the code makes it pretty easy to guess what part of the code it includes
      2. Go to: Site Manager -> Appearance -> Custom Themes
        1. You can create a new theme based off of a theme that you like (like "Bloo" or "Cappuccino")
        2. Use HTML Color Code to pick pretty colors for your page
        3. Make obvious changes so you know that it's working before you go changing little things
        4. It might not show up right away, you might have to reload the page, close your browser, or even turn off your computer
    4. Color Blender
      1. Gives you options of good color combos
    5. Wikidot Themes
      1. You have other options for themes, tons of them, most of them ugly (so he says)
    6. Wikidot Snippets
      1. Includes lots of tutorials on how to code certain things, like having an extra side bar, or lists, or layouts with tables, or sitemap, etc.
    7. Modules
      1. List pages, page calendars, etc.
    8. Templates
      1. Tons of different choices for making a template

That was a "bunch of junk", you can chose to ignore it and that's fine. Or you can make your wiki page look totally cool. Ball's in your court.

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