18 Geography Based Sites notes


  • New class to teach sophomores about business, what CEO's do, etc. We should not make the program better (haha j/k)
    • If successful, make required for all BBA students
  • Today is less about this class, and more about learning tools for other classes and your job
  • Geographic based sites have grown as mobile computing has become more and more widespread
    • Used to be engines that searched for pages from certain countries (Yahoo International)
  • Google Maps: changes all the time (Look at Google Maps Mania blog-really good and addicting)
  • Google Earth (favorite site EVER for Scott)
        • Sad story-Scott's pool at his childhood home broke, contractor went broke, never got to use (tear)
      • Look for Google Earth info whenever you are traveling

Travel Sites

  • Expedia, travelocity, orbitz are big. Kayak is big, been sponsoring some football game
  • The big ones have gotten smaller over the past few years. Kayak almost as busy as travelocity and orbitz
  • Local search has gotten huge in last 4 years; Ask City, MSN City Guides
      • Outside.In, yelp good for restaurant reviews

Road Trips

  • RoadsideAmerica maps shows cool/weird things you can see
  • Waze-twitter like updates about traffic

Public Transit-Google maps is getting really good, hopstop, NYC subway
Maps-just ridiculous amount of maps and progress over the years

  • UT has HUGE number of maps (historical, country, anything you would ever want)
  • Use CIA World Factbook (if you don't start here, you are wasting your time and being an idiot)
      • Google Moon/Mars maps (for those that will be billionaires someday)
  • Map Maker-build information about specific things (size of farms, roads, and more)—Play with this

Info Sites-use these for everyday information, research, and more

  • Auction mapper-good for local auctions (don't want piano from Cali)

Real Estate-getting amazingly good

  • Zillow-follow house value

Walking maps, mapping run, world times

  • All sorts of maps for all different kinds of activities, information, and just pure fun out there

And more and more and more and more…..

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