19 Video Search notes


Today’s class consisted of going over different search engines that specializes in videos. The video search tool websites have significantly changed over this past year (existing sites got better in terms of their features and experience). In addition, there has been a significant increase in the number of video search engines including Clicker.

Recent trends in this industry

The most abundant video search tool has been Google sites according to Score Video Metrix. There have recently been different approaches to how these search engines locate the relevant videos: web, deep-video search, and directories. The web based search is where the system looks for keyword or tags. On the other hand, the deep-video search actually breaks-down the video and analyzes its contents and audios for matches (much more fine grain). Lastly, the directories are where the videos are categorized into certain pool of groups. All of these contents can be applied both the web and site basis.

These categories can further be broken down to what the sites focus on such as entertainment. Furthermore, the way in which contents are shared can be different. Some sites allow users to upload their own videos while others allow to host, tag, or comment on videos. (Please look at Mr. Moore’s video search table for details)

Video Search Engines

Bing Video: They have just implemented a new feature where they broadcast news over the site.
Google Video: Added some additional options which can be seen on the left hand side after the search has been executed. There is an advanced search feature
Yahoo Video: There is an advance search feature and is based on keyword/description search.
Blinkx: Can run multiple video loads while they are embedded on the side bar of the screen. Pretty unique experience
Truveo: Aggregates different results from other websites and post them on the results page. There are many different options for this site such as narrowing the results by the source. They also categorize the video by ranks, most recent post, and popularity.
Pod-o-matic: Allows users to search by episodes or podcast. Users can also upload their own podcasts.

The other sites that people should be aware of are…
Daily Motion:


Please Note: There is a section on Podcasts, which we did not cover in class. However, there is a long summary of it on Mr. Moore’s note page. Please refer to this section for more details regarding Podcasts.

There are many other video search tools that you should be aware of including…

  • Yubby
  • YoVisto
  • CastTV

Furthermore, there are other search tools for music videos such as YouTube, Yahoo Audio. In addition, there are music search providers such as iTunes and Rhapsody

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