22 People Search

Today's class was all about how to find people on the web.

There are many different types of people search tools out there, making it easier to find:

  • White Pages Information
  • Criminal Information
  • Professional Information
  • Social Information (Facebook, MySpace, etc.)


  • Happy Thanksgiving, eat lots of turkey.
  • Search analysis assignment is due today – make sure your link are correct on the sign-up page
    • You do not need to add anything to the site-maker page for this assignment
  • Exam is on December 2nd. Check out the Test page to find out information about it.
  • This Saturday at midnight (November 28th) is the last day to make modifications (change questions, notes, etc.)

Beginning of Class

  • Discuss the metasearch results from two classes ago.
    • Results were similar to last year
    • info.com was the only site to beat Google (two years in a row)
    • Clusty is crap
    • search.IO and Kosmix were the two favorites

People Search

  1. This problem has applicability to many areas
    • Just trying to find a person's address or phone number
    • Background checks (including criminal checks)
    • Finding missing persons
    • Ancestry (including obituary searches)
  2. A very frustrating, confusing topic
  3. Monetary interests have really infiltrated this set of tools
    • Lots of Web site purchases (industry consolidation)
    • Lots of pay-for-results

Tip: Some search engines get confused with middle initials


  • Explore the 3 groups of people search sites
    • General people searches
    • White Page Directories
    • Social searches
  • Send 6 Tweets! Include your favorite and least favorite in each category.

General people search

  1. WhoZat (review)
  2. Pipl (about) — can search by name, email, username (screenname), and phone; emphasizes that it searches the Deep Web.
  3. ZoomInfo (advanced search, help) — find people or companies
  4. Spock (people search on the web, blogs, social networks)
  5. iSearch (review) — can search by name, phone, email, and username (screenname)
  6. Whoozy (review) —- searches the Web and social networks

White page directories

  1. 411 Locate — many different search tools:
  2. WhitePages — lots of different search tools:
    • people & business search
    • reverse phone & address
    • find area codes, zip codes
    • neighborhood search (find the names of people who live near an address)
    • search for an email address
  3. AnyWho — people search, reverse phone
  4. ZabaSearch (advanced search, review) — search by name or by phone number.

Social site search

  1. Wink — people search, phone number; will not only look for the specified name but similar names (i.e. Ted Kennedy, Theodore Kennedy…)
  2. 123people — people search (review, review)
  3. PeekYou — people search, username search
  4. The Internet Address Book — "Find, manage and discover internet addresses worldwide"
  5. Spokeo — good for searching social networking sites; most of the results require that you pay a fee.
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