23 Project

Today is mainly a project day, but I noted a few things that aren't written on the site page for today.

Last blog due next Monday so you have time to work on projects.

5 more class days to work on projects!
Today: Project Day
Wednesday: Test
Next Monday: Google, Last blogs are due
Next Wednesday: Other miscellaneous search engines
Next Next Monday: Last day of class! Everything for projects is due. December 14!


  • More multiple choice questions: 30/35 instead of 20 (this means more questions total, but most people finished in ~25 minutes last year, so time shouldn't be an issue)
  • Know general framework for class
  • Know what are uses for email alerts
  • Some student questions are too specific - won't need to know all of them
  • Slideshows - posted to individual days

Search Engine Analysis:
If you use a theme where the links don't show up, CHANGE IT!!!!! (Dark Blue is one of these)
Name graphics with a single word.

Rest of today is a project day!

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