Questions On One Page (2009)

This page contains all the student questions from the whole semester.

02 Web Search

by aegreenaegreen (20 Sep 2009 17:00; last edited on 27 Nov 2009 06:48)

1. Which of the Following is the Only Search Engine that Can Find Pages Containing Pages Related to a Page?

a. Google
b. Yahoo
c. Bing
d. Ask

2. Which of the Following Represents "Precision" as Related to the Evaluation of a Search Engine's Performance?

a. The ratio of relevant material retrieved to all material retrieved
b. The ratio of relevant material retrieved to all relevant material
c. The ratio of relevant material retrieved to irrelevant material retrieved
d. The ratio of relevant material retrieved to relevant material not retrieved

3. "And" and "Or" are both examples of:

a. Search terms
b. Query terms
c. Operating terms
d. Index terms

4. Which of the Following Represents the Three General Functions of Search Tools?

a. Query, search, index
b. Recall, retrieve, display
c. Generate, explore, monitor changes
d. Search, retrieve, recall

5. Which of the Following is NOT an example of a Search Target?

a. PDF
b. Blog
c. Image
d. Meta info

6. True/False

This class defines knowledge as "the expertise and skills acquired by a person through experience or education."

7. True/False

To use Google to search for "Thomas Edison" in page titles, use the syntax "allintitle:edison thomas" or "allintitle:thomas edison"

8. Short Answer

How is a search engine's recall calculated?

9. Short Answer

How can I use Google to search for information on loans for autos and other vehicles?

10. Short Answer

What are some ways to evaluate performance in the form of its results?

11. Short Answer

What is Google Spider?

12. Short Answer

Search tools differ by functions. Give three examples of such functions.

13. Discuss the processes that occurs between the search engine and user for each search.


1. a 2. a 3. b 4. c 5. d

6. False. This class defines knowledge as "the ability to learn and the ability to find."

7. True

8. Recall is calculated from the ratio of relevant material retrieved to all relevant material.

9. "~auto loan"

10. content, format of results, delivery form

11. Google Spider is the tool Google uses to remain in front in terms of info awareness. It constantly searches for new information as published in the web.

12. Generating results. Explore results. Monitoring changes.

13. User enters query > engine interacts with document set —> output query results> possible further interactions

03 Wikidot And Twitter

by ranfanranfan (27 Nov 2009 05:57; last edited on 30 Nov 2009 17:18)

1. True or False: Twitter is not an IM client

2. Short Answer: what is the idea behind Twitter. What should it be used for? What should it not be used for?

3. Which of the following allows you to turn off phone updates from a particular user?
a) off
b) off, then off again
c) username off
d) off username
e) leave username

4. When you type structure something in the format of d username message, which of the following will occur?
a) It will appear in the other user's Twitter log
b) It will appear in your Twitter log
c) It will appear in both people's Twitter logs
d) It will not appear in your Twitter log
e) None of the above

5. Short Answer: What are hashtags and why are they used in Twitter?

6. True or False You can have the top menu bar automatically update with the most recent blog entries (or whatever)?

1. True
2. Its purpose is to produce occasional status updates. It is used to hold conversations with more than one person. It is not intended for personal conversations.
3. d
4. d
5. hash tags are words that are preceded by the hash #; Use the hashtag whenever you are referring to this class. It will make the message easier to find later
6. True

04 Search Techniques

by bavidarbavidar (23 Sep 2009 15:37; last edited on 30 Nov 2009 17:57)

Multiple Choice

1. The correct way to search for Chicago sports but not the Chicago Bulls is?

a. Chicago sports - Chicago Bulls
b. "Chicago sports" -Bulls
c. "Chicago sports" - Chicago Sports
d. Chicago sports -"Chicago Sports"

2. How would you search for the quadratic formula but made sure it from a site that had math in the URL to make sure it was credible?

a. "quadratic formula" math:inurl
b. "quadratic" "formula" url:math
c. "quadratic formula" inurl:math
d. urlfind:math "quadratic formula

3. How could you get information on how Google's stock is doing on Yahoo's search Engine?

a. stocks Goog
b. stocks: Google
c. quote Goog
d. quote: Google
e. Impossible, Yahoo does not let people search anything relevant to Google on their site.

4. Who runs Yahoo's back end search engine?

a. Google
b. Yahoo
c. Bing
d. Ask
e. CIA

5. How do you search for articles related to Apple in the last 2 weeks on

a. "last 2 weeks" Apple
b. last:2weeks "Apple"
c. last:twoweek Apple
d. "last two weeks Apple"
e. last 2weeks || Apple


6. Is it possible to search a page that does not have a search function?

7. Since Bing runs Yahoo's search engine does that mean if you search the same thing on both search engines you will get the same results?

Short Answer

8. Why Do Search Engines Return Different Results?

9. Write 2 ways to search for Computers and Phones but not Apple?

Solutions. 1)b, 2)c, 3)c, 4)c, 5)b, 6)T, 7)F

    * Different files that they index
    * Different search syntax accepted
    * Processing of search results differ, different back-ends

a) computer phones -Apple
b) "computer and phones" NOT Apple

05 More Search Techniques - Questions

by vivanovvivanov (30 Sep 2009 03:16; last edited on 27 Nov 2009 06:58)

1)Where can you find automatically create sets of items from a few examples?


2)If you are trying to find types of things such as [types of hawks]. The BEST way to enter this into google would be:

a)["there are * types of hawks"]
b)["there are ^ types of hawks"]
c)[how many types of hawk do there be, please help I need it for my BIT class]
d)["there are # types of hawks"]

3)True or False, when using the website that we used in class to create sets with a few example you can ONLY view 15 examples at a time

a) True
b) False

4)When trying to find a list of 30-40 cities in Michigan it is BEST to.

a)There are * of cities in Michigan
b)Use the site that is referenced in questions 1 Use Google Sets
c)There are # of cities in Michigan
d)Typing following query [Random cities in Michigan]

5)In our experiment at the end of class comparing search engines, which ones did we compare?

a)Ask, Bing, MSN, Yahoo
b)Ask, Yahoo, Google, MSN
c)Bing, Google, Yahoo, AOL
d)Ask, Google, Bing, Yahoo

6)What are the two things we recorded in our experiment?

a)Overlap, # of Result
b)Precision, Speed of results
c)Precision, Overlap
d)# of Results, Speed of Results

ANSWERS: 1. B 2. A 3. B 4. B 5. D 6. C

06 Rss Introduction

by afilushafilush (06 Oct 2009 03:31; last edited on 06 Oct 2009 03:56)

Multiple Choice

1. What does RSS stand for?

a) Really Simple Sindication
b) Rich Site Summary
c) RDF Site Summary
d) All of the above

2. What is not a benefit of standardized XML formatting?

a) Many tools can be specially written to work with it, like RSS
b) XML has many different versions as people disagree on syntax
c) Can specify "fields" that can be searched
d) Can easily be translated into HTML for display purposes

3. What can't you get an RSS feed for?

a) Blogs
b) Newspaper articles
c) News Sites
d) Your email
e) Youtube
f) I started this question, but then couldn't find a website that didn't have a RSS feed.
g) Banking website

4. Which of these major search engines does not have a Blog Search Feature?

a) Bing
b) Google
c) Ask
d) Yahoo

5. Which website is best for analyzing trends in the topic of blog posts?

a) Ice Rocket
c) Blogpulse
d) Technorati


6. When using Bloglines, you have the option of sorting your searches by relevance, popularity and date.

7. When using Google Blog Search, you have the option of sorting your searches by relevance, popularity and date.

8. Switching from Google Reader to Bloglines is a difficult process, and therefore it is important to determine which one you like, and stay with it.

9. In Google Blog Search, you can use all of the search syntax rules that you would typically use in a search engine.


1) D
2) B
3) G
4) A
5) C
6) True
7) False
8) False
9) True

08 News Search

by kfreelskfreels (07 Oct 2009 20:49; last edited on 07 Oct 2009 21:24)

Multiple Choice

1) Why is a news search different than a general search?

A. It pulls results from legitimate news sources
B. Searches can be narrowed down to the period of time they were created
C. Results are current
D. A & C
E. All of the above

2) What are the four desired features of news searches?

A. Relevance, Update Speed, Accuracy, Quality of Sources
B. Quality of Sources, Response Time, Update Speed, Relevance
C. Response Time, Update Speed, Quality of Sources, Accuracy
D. Update Speed, Accuracy, Variety, Relevance

3) What kind of news search would you input if you wanted to find news about labor union strikes in 1877?

A. Date and Word Phrase search
B. Event search
C. Source and Source Location search
D. Date and Source Location search

4) What tool allows us to have a steady stream of articles directly sent to us without having to do any type of query?

A. Bloglines
B. Google Fast Flip
C. RSS Feeds
D. Twitter

5) Which news analysis site would you use to explore a subject's relationships in real time?

A. Google News Timeline
B. Rayogram
C. NewsSift
D. Silobreaker

6) Which news tool that we covered allows the user to do a quick scan of the news articles from a particular query?

A. Google News
B. Rayogram
C. Google Fast Flip
D. NewsSift

7) Which news tool that we covered offers concept-based search results as opposed to keyword-based?

A. NewsSift
B. Silobreaker
C. Yahoo News
D. Google News Archive


1) D
2) B
3) A
4) C
5) D
6) C
7) A

12 Research Sites

by campandrcampandr (02 Nov 2009 17:13; last edited on 28 Nov 2009 23:24)

1. Which of these is NOT one of the 3 important search attributes that search engines have?

A) Comprehensive
B) Transparent
C) Integrated
D) All of the Above ARE important search attributes

2. Which of the following is NOT one the 4 different kinds of research sites?

A) Deep Web Search tools
B) Library and Book Based Sites
C) News
D) Web Directories
E) General References and Answers

3. Which is a type(s) of Deep Web Search Tools?

A) Specialized
B) Beta
C) General
D) Both A and C
E) All of the Above

4. Which of the following is not considered a perk of Google Scholar?

A) Searches are extremely transparent
B) You can setup so it says when these documents are available at your library
C) Can limit searches to certain date ranges and just get summaries or citations
D) Can specify certain dates

5. _ is a Business search site.

A) Scirus
B) Google Scholar
C) Biznar
D) WolframAlpha

6. Which is NOT a search site?

A) WolframAlpha
B) Biznar
C) Scirus
D) Google Books

7. True or False:
Google Books is the largest library and book-based site.

Answers: 1) D 2) C 3) D 4) A 5) C 6) A 7) True

13 Change Notification Tools

by ranfanranfan (21 Nov 2009 17:06; last edited on 23 Nov 2009 17:54)

1. Which of the following alerts you of changes within a page
C. Yahoo Pipes
D. A and B
E. A and C.

2. How are site based alerts different from search based alerts?

3. Why should you use search based alerts in addition to RSS feeds?

4. What is a page monitor?
A. Tool that keeps you focused on a page
B. Nanny to watch over pages you make
C. Software that monitors changes to certain pages
D. Web based program that monitors pages your choose for changes
E. A and C
F. C and D

5. What tool allows you to aggregate many RSS feeds, page changes, and more into one feed output?
A. Yahoo! Pipes
B. Google Masher
C. Microsoft Infomaniac
D. ILoveLotsofInfo

6. Why are tools like FeedRinse useful?


  1. D
  2. Site based alerts are sent to you via email. The website determines what changes they will send you when you sign up to get the changes. Search based alerts use a search site (such as Google or Yahoo) to search for all changes or updates based on a search term you choose (e.g. LEED, SEO, Microsoft, whatever you want). They are more customizable, and allow you to use search terms like inurl: and intitle: to reduce the number of alerts you will see in the email.
  3. RSS feeds are good when you find a constantly updated site that is specific to your topic. You will see all the updates in your RSS reader, and get a lot of information. Site based alerts are good for when you find a website that may have updates on a topic, but are more infrequent, and would get lost in your RSS feed (if they even offer an RSS feed in the first place).
  4. F
  5. A
  6. FeedRinse allows you to clean up your RSS feeds. Many RSS feeds will give you "false positives" about what you really want to know. So, FeedRinse allows you to cut down the clutter by limiting what kind of updates you will get. You can customize the search terms for your feeds so you will only get the most relevant information.

14 Custom Search Engine

by xyleexylee (29 Oct 2009 02:22; last edited on 21 Nov 2009 16:57)

Q. What is a custom search engine?
Answer: It is essentially using a tool to build your own Google's search engine with instructions to look at a certain list of URLs (pages, whole sites, or subsets of sites), or avoid a certain list of URLs, append a set of terms to any user-supplied query, customize its looks (within bounds)

Q1 What is the use of "<iframe>" when embedding a Google-hosted page in Wikidot?
a. allows for lower bandwidth use
b. reads different code languages
c. enables Wikidot to understand the code of the custom search engine
d. all of the above

Q2 What are the restrictions with using the IFrame hosting option?
a. results must be hosted on the same page
b. results must be displayed on a separate page on the site
c. results must be hosted on Google
d. no customization is allowed with this option

Q3 Which of the following about Google Custom Search is FALSE?
a. search boxes can be hosted on your website
b. user can specify websites or webpages to search from
c. user has to pay a fixed subscription fee per year
d. search results can be hosted on your own website

Q4 Where would a user be able to use Google Custom Search?
b. an iGoogle widget
c. embedded in your own webpage
d. of the above

Q5 Google Custom Search narrows the focus of results by automatically adding words to any query.
a. True
b. False

Q6 The Google structured custom search feature allows the user to return results displaying:
a. thumbnails
b. actions
c. both

Q7 Which of the following are benefits of the Google Custom Search skin implemented in Wikipedia?
a. highly contextual search results
b. returns both Wikipedia and non-Wikipedia pages
c. returns topical results based on links on Wikipedia page the user is reading
d. all of the above

1. d
2. b
3. c
4. d
5. a
6. c
7. d

15 Project Day

by ranfanranfan (21 Nov 2009 16:43; last edited on 21 Nov 2009 16:49)

1) What is the benefit of categorizing types of pages on wikidot. Example, naming all news pages with [news:], blog posts with [blog:] etc.

2) What's the best section on the Wikidot site would you go to find information on how to create the codes for features like ListPages?
a) Modules
b) Class twitter feed
c) TagCloud
d) Comments
e) Themes

Answer: 1. you can use the ListPage function to create a list that collects and complies all pages listed as such and updates automatically as pages are formed

2. a

16 Wikidot Day Questions

by lwarbasselwarbasse (16 Nov 2009 02:52; last edited on 21 Nov 2009 16:36)

1) Google Trends does which of the following?
a) Returns you sets of information related to your query
b) Returns documents related to your search query
c) Gives you trending documents and information on a site you search
d) Shows you the popularity of a site or query you enter

2) Another site similar to Google Trends is:
a) Addict-o-matic
b) Alexa Site Info
c) Collecta
d) All of the Above

3) To have your image properly on wikidot, how should you name the file?

4) To change the appearance of your website (i.e. colors, task bars, borders) you can edit the __ (fill in word here).

5) I need help with coding on WikiDot. Where do I go?
a) WikiDot Snippets
c) WikiDot Coder Central
d) Home

6) I am having difficulty with an assignment and don’t know what to do. Where do I go for help (as long as it is not the day before the assignment)?
a) Google
b) Dr. Scott Moore
d) Rob Lay

1) D
2) B
3) AllOneWordWithNoSpaces
4) Theme
5) A
6) B

17 Image Search

by ranfanranfan (21 Nov 2009 16:29; last edited on 21 Nov 2009 16:29)

1. Which of the following describes CompFight
a) Image Search
b) Flickr Search Tool
c) News Image Search Tool
d) a&b
e) All of the above

2. Which of the following combination of tools search for images
i. Behold
ii. Pixolu
iii. Kayak
iv. Picitup

a) i&ii only
b) ii & iii only
c) i, ii, & iii only
d) i, ii, & iv only
e) i, ii, iii, & iv

Answer 1. d 2. d

18 Geography Based Sites

by tfornerotfornero (11 Nov 2009 17:02; last edited on 21 Nov 2009 16:19)

1) Which of the following are top travel sites we examined in class
a) Expedia
b) Travelocity
c) Orbitz
d) All of the Above
e) None of the Above

2) What kind of reviews are on Yelp?
a) Restaurants
b) Shopping
c) Hotel
d) Health & Medical
e) All of above

Answer: 1) d 2) e

1. Today is less about this class and more about?

A: Using tools for other classes and your jobs

2. This is who's favorite day of the semesters

A: His wives, she is "a math freak"

3. Orginal geography based sites did what?

A: Searched for pages form certain areas of the world

4. Google Earth is Professor's Moores what?

A: Absolute most favorite time wasting tool

5. With Google earth you can?

A: Download google information from a hotel website and it will add markers on your google earth account

6. Travel sites top three?

A: Expedia, Travelocity, and Orbitz (Kayak is now almost as busy)

7. Local search, city guides, mapquest local, but growing? T/F

A: T

8. What traffic tool is intergrating twitter for real time traffic updates?

A: Waze

9: If you are ever look specific information about a country and you don't start with this site you are wasting your time. What is this site?

A: CIA Factbook

19 Video Search

by ranfanranfan (21 Nov 2009 15:53; last edited on 28 Nov 2009 23:33)

1) What is a Deep Video Search Engine?
a) It searches videos based on titles
b) It searches videos based on tags
c) It searches for content within the video content and audio
d) It only searches for videos with deep philosophical meaning
e) a&b&c

2) Which describes features of pod-o-matic
a) It allows users to search for podcasts
b) It is only for ipod users
c) It allows users to upload podcasts
d) a&c
e) All of the above

3) Which of the following Video Search Engines is not a Deep Video Search Engine?
a) Blinkx
b) Truveo
c) MegaVideo
d) VideoSurf

4) Blinkx is a unique Video Search Engine because
a) It has a "Wall of Query Results"
b) It is a Deep Web Search Engine
c) It offers a video playlist option
d) It has scroll over auto video play
e) All of the Above

5) Youtube is what kind of video search tool?
a) deep web, site-specific
b) deep web, web-wide
c) general web, site- specific
d) general web, web-wide

Answer 1) e 2) d 3) c 4) e 5) c

20 Metasearch

by ranfanranfan (21 Nov 2009 15:38; last edited on 23 Nov 2009 16:51)

1. Which below describes Soovle?
a) real-time search
b) metasearch engine
c) unified interface
d) a&c
e) b&c

2. How do you define an integrated metasearch engine?
a) Gathers results from one single website
b) A search engine that finds only images and blogs
c) A search engine that purposely ignores Google, Bing, Yahoo results
d) It combines the results from multiple search engines into one result list
e) None of the Above

3. Name 3 different integrated metasearch engines that we have used in class.

4. According to the results from our in class exercise, on average, which metasearch engine is better than Google at finding the most relevant results for your query?
b) Scour
c) URL

5. How do you describe an unified interface for a metasearch engine?

6. Kosmix provides you with direct links to videos from popular websites like YouTube and Hulu.
True or False?

7. Which unified interface metasearch engine allows you to view results from the most popular search engines on one page as you type in your query?

a) Soovle
b) Joongel
c) Zuula
d) Search.IQ

8. Which integrated metasearch engine has a function that allows you to view comments and changes in popularity status in live-update form?

a) URL
b) DogPile
c) Scour

9. Which integrated metasearch engine claims to be the "world's most private search engine?"

b) StartPage
c) DogPile

10. What was StartPage formerly known as?

a) bmFast
b) umRapid
c) ixQuick
d) tpSwift

11. Which integrated metasearch engines draw their results from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask?
b) InfoSpace
c) Dogpile
d) All of the above

12. Which unified metasearch engine integrates the "10 leading Websites" in each search category?
a) Zuula
b) Soovle
c) Joongel
d) Search.IQ

Answers: 1. e) 2. d) 3., StartPage, 4. a) 5. It provides a single interface, enabling quick and easy switching between the results of different search engines 6. True 7. a) 8. c) 9. b) 10. c) 11. d) 12. c)

21 Social Sites: Test Questions

by rolay117rolay117 (23 Nov 2009 17:00; last edited on 17 Dec 2009 19:57)

Final Test Questions

Why did "delicious" undergo a site name change?

A. To make the address more "user-friendly"

Name the 3 largest social bookmarking sites


Which social site has been steadily declining in traffic volume over the past couple years?


Which of the following terms is not used when describing a social bookmarking site?

A. taxonomy
B. folksonomy
C. Diggonomy
D. tags

Answer: (C)

Name the three types of social networking sites

  1. Social news (based on tagging)
  2. Social bookmarking (based on voting)
  3. Social Activity (shopping, etc.)

Which of the following best describes Yahoo! Buzz?

A. Social networking site
B. Social shopping site
C. Social news site
D. Social advertising site

Answer: (C)

Which site aids the user in discovery random websites matched to personal preferences?


Answer: (B)

What is the most popular social bookmarking site?

A. Twitter
B. Facebook
C. Myspace
D. Delicious

Answer: (D)

Which of the following is NOT a common feature of a social bookmarking site?

A. "What's hot"
B. Voting
C. Time Periods (Last month, last week, last day)
D. Tags
E. They are all part of social bookmarking sites

Answer: (E)

Which social bookmarking site changed its name from to ease the ability of consumers to enter the address?

A. deliciouse
B. delicious
C. Delici
D. delicioustwo

Answer: (B)

Which social news site allows you to move sites up or down, with arrows, in order to express interest in the article?


Answer: (B)

Which social news site allows you to write your own news article?


Answer: (B)

Which of the following social news sites is most similar to


Answer: (B)

Which of the following is the tag-line for

A. News for nerds. Stuff that matters.
B. News for many. Stuff for all.
C. News for geeks. Stuff with meaning.
D. News for all. Stuff for many.

Answer: (A)

22 People Search

by joecoxjoecox (17 Dec 2009 20:03; last edited on 17 Dec 2009 20:07)

1. Which of the following is not a general people search tool?

A. WhoZat
B. Spock
C. Spokeo
D. iSearch

Answer: C

2. True/False - Both Whitepages and 411 Locate have the ability to reverse search by phone or address?

Answer: True

27 Wrap Up

by dabilendabilen (14 Dec 2009 17:07; last edited on 14 Dec 2009 17:08)

Q1: How awesome was this class?
A. Kind of Awesome
B. Awesome
C. Really Awesome
D. Unreal

Q2: I will continue to use wikidot post BIT 330?
A. True
B. False

Q3. I am a fan of Twitter.
A. Definitely
B. Hate it
C. …what's that?

Q4. I will continue to go to Scott Moore's Office Hours
A. Without a Doubt
B. For a chat here and there
C. Where is the Winter Garden?

1. C or D dependent on interpretation 2. A 3. A or B 4. A or B

Industry Questions

by samooresamoore (23 Nov 2009 15:48; last edited on 29 Nov 2009 01:58)

Put questions here related to the industry blogs that you all wrote.

Which of the following websites are providing free Wi-Fi on airplanes and/or in airports this holiday seasons?

  1. Google, Bing
  2. Google, Yahoo, Bing, Craigslist
  3. Yahoo, eBay, Craigslist
  4. Google, Yahoo, Bing, eBay
  5. 1 and 3
  6. None of the above.

Answer: 4
Source: Google Music Search

Bing is succeeding in stealing users from Google.

  • True
  • False

Answer: False
Source: Is Bing Really Hurting Google?

According to Google, which search term is most popular when searching for web-based radio stations?

  1. Internet Radio
  2. Pandora
  3. Online Radio
  4. Online Music

Answer: Online Radio
Source: Search Engines Help Internet Radio

Zotero is used for:

  1. Bookmarking web sites
  2. Saving internet citations
  3. Taking notes in your web browser
  4. Store PDFs
  5. All of the above
  6. 1 and 3
  7. 1, 2, and 4
  8. None of the above

Answer: 5
Source: Zotero

Google's newly implemented safety feature is called:

  1. Safetynet
  2. SafePlus
  3. SafeSearch
  4. USafe
  5. None of the above

Answer: 3
Source: SafeSearch

True or False: Microsoft announced it would include tweets in search results before Google.


Source Does Google Need Twitter?

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