03 Wikidot And Twitter

1. True or False: Twitter is not an IM client

2. Short Answer: what is the idea behind Twitter. What should it be used for? What should it not be used for?

3. Which of the following allows you to turn off phone updates from a particular user?
a) off
b) off, then off again
c) username off
d) off username
e) leave username

4. When you type structure something in the format of d username message, which of the following will occur?
a) It will appear in the other user's Twitter log
b) It will appear in your Twitter log
c) It will appear in both people's Twitter logs
d) It will not appear in your Twitter log
e) None of the above

5. Short Answer: What are hashtags and why are they used in Twitter?

6. True or False You can have the top menu bar automatically update with the most recent blog entries (or whatever)?

1. True
2. Its purpose is to produce occasional status updates. It is used to hold conversations with more than one person. It is not intended for personal conversations.
3. d
4. d
5. hash tags are words that are preceded by the hash #; Use the hashtag whenever you are referring to this class. It will make the message easier to find later
6. True

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