04 Search Techniques

Multiple Choice

1. The correct way to search for Chicago sports but not the Chicago Bulls is?

a. Chicago sports - Chicago Bulls
b. "Chicago sports" -Bulls
c. "Chicago sports" - Chicago Sports
d. Chicago sports -"Chicago Sports"

2. How would you search for the quadratic formula but made sure it from a site that had math in the URL to make sure it was credible?

a. "quadratic formula" math:inurl
b. "quadratic" "formula" url:math
c. "quadratic formula" inurl:math
d. urlfind:math "quadratic formula

3. How could you get information on how Google's stock is doing on Yahoo's search Engine?

a. stocks Goog
b. stocks: Google
c. quote Goog
d. quote: Google
e. Impossible, Yahoo does not let people search anything relevant to Google on their site.

4. Who runs Yahoo's back end search engine?

a. Google
b. Yahoo
c. Bing
d. Ask
e. CIA

5. How do you search for articles related to Apple in the last 2 weeks on Ask.com?

a. "last 2 weeks" Apple
b. last:2weeks "Apple"
c. last:twoweek Apple
d. "last two weeks Apple"
e. last 2weeks || Apple


6. Is it possible to search a page that does not have a search function?

7. Since Bing runs Yahoo's search engine does that mean if you search the same thing on both search engines you will get the same results?

Short Answer

8. Why Do Search Engines Return Different Results?

9. Write 2 ways to search for Computers and Phones but not Apple?

Solutions. 1)b, 2)c, 3)c, 4)c, 5)b, 6)T, 7)F

    * Different files that they index
    * Different search syntax accepted
    * Processing of search results differ, different back-ends

a) computer phones -Apple
b) "computer and phones" NOT Apple
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