05 More Search Techniques - Questions

1)Where can you find automatically create sets of items from a few examples?


2)If you are trying to find types of things such as [types of hawks]. The BEST way to enter this into google would be:

a)["there are * types of hawks"]
b)["there are ^ types of hawks"]
c)[how many types of hawk do there be, please help I need it for my BIT class]
d)["there are # types of hawks"]

3)True or False, when using the website that we used in class to create sets with a few example you can ONLY view 15 examples at a time

a) True
b) False

4)When trying to find a list of 30-40 cities in Michigan it is BEST to.

a)There are * of cities in Michigan
b)Use the site that is referenced in questions 1 Use Google Sets
c)There are # of cities in Michigan
d)Typing following query [Random cities in Michigan]

5)In our experiment at the end of class comparing search engines, which ones did we compare?

a)Ask, Bing, MSN, Yahoo
b)Ask, Yahoo, Google, MSN
c)Bing, Google, Yahoo, AOL
d)Ask, Google, Bing, Yahoo

6)What are the two things we recorded in our experiment?

a)Overlap, # of Result
b)Precision, Speed of results
c)Precision, Overlap
d)# of Results, Speed of Results

ANSWERS: 1. B 2. A 3. B 4. B 5. D 6. C

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