08 News Search

Multiple Choice

1) Why is a news search different than a general search?

A. It pulls results from legitimate news sources
B. Searches can be narrowed down to the period of time they were created
C. Results are current
D. A & C
E. All of the above

2) What are the four desired features of news searches?

A. Relevance, Update Speed, Accuracy, Quality of Sources
B. Quality of Sources, Response Time, Update Speed, Relevance
C. Response Time, Update Speed, Quality of Sources, Accuracy
D. Update Speed, Accuracy, Variety, Relevance

3) What kind of news search would you input if you wanted to find news about labor union strikes in 1877?

A. Date and Word Phrase search
B. Event search
C. Source and Source Location search
D. Date and Source Location search

4) What tool allows us to have a steady stream of articles directly sent to us without having to do any type of query?

A. Bloglines
B. Google Fast Flip
C. RSS Feeds
D. Twitter

5) Which news analysis site would you use to explore a subject's relationships in real time?

A. Google News Timeline
B. Rayogram
C. NewsSift
D. Silobreaker

6) Which news tool that we covered allows the user to do a quick scan of the news articles from a particular query?

A. Google News
B. Rayogram
C. Google Fast Flip
D. NewsSift

7) Which news tool that we covered offers concept-based search results as opposed to keyword-based?

A. NewsSift
B. Silobreaker
C. Yahoo News
D. Google News Archive


1) D
2) B
3) A
4) C
5) D
6) C
7) A

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