13 Change Notification Tools

1. Which of the following alerts you of changes within a page
A. WatchthatPage.com
B. TrackEngine.com
C. Yahoo Pipes
D. A and B
E. A and C.

2. How are site based alerts different from search based alerts?

3. Why should you use search based alerts in addition to RSS feeds?

4. What is a page monitor?
A. Tool that keeps you focused on a page
B. Nanny to watch over pages you make
C. Software that monitors changes to certain pages
D. Web based program that monitors pages your choose for changes
E. A and C
F. C and D

5. What tool allows you to aggregate many RSS feeds, page changes, and more into one feed output?
A. Yahoo! Pipes
B. Google Masher
C. Microsoft Infomaniac
D. ILoveLotsofInfo

6. Why are tools like FeedRinse useful?


  1. D
  2. Site based alerts are sent to you via email. The website determines what changes they will send you when you sign up to get the changes. Search based alerts use a search site (such as Google or Yahoo) to search for all changes or updates based on a search term you choose (e.g. LEED, SEO, Microsoft, whatever you want). They are more customizable, and allow you to use search terms like inurl: and intitle: to reduce the number of alerts you will see in the email.
  3. RSS feeds are good when you find a constantly updated site that is specific to your topic. You will see all the updates in your RSS reader, and get a lot of information. Site based alerts are good for when you find a website that may have updates on a topic, but are more infrequent, and would get lost in your RSS feed (if they even offer an RSS feed in the first place).
  4. F
  5. A
  6. FeedRinse allows you to clean up your RSS feeds. Many RSS feeds will give you "false positives" about what you really want to know. So, FeedRinse allows you to cut down the clutter by limiting what kind of updates you will get. You can customize the search terms for your feeds so you will only get the most relevant information.
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