16 Wikidot Day Questions

1) Google Trends does which of the following?
a) Returns you sets of information related to your query
b) Returns documents related to your search query
c) Gives you trending documents and information on a site you search
d) Shows you the popularity of a site or query you enter

2) Another site similar to Google Trends is:
a) Addict-o-matic
b) Alexa Site Info
c) Collecta
d) All of the Above

3) To have your image properly on wikidot, how should you name the file?

4) To change the appearance of your website (i.e. colors, task bars, borders) you can edit the __ (fill in word here).

5) I need help with coding on WikiDot. Where do I go?
a) WikiDot Snippets
b) Coding.com
c) WikiDot Coder Central
d) Home

6) I am having difficulty with an assignment and don’t know what to do. Where do I go for help (as long as it is not the day before the assignment)?
a) Google
b) Dr. Scott Moore
c) WikiDot.com
d) Rob Lay

1) D
2) B
3) AllOneWordWithNoSpaces
4) Theme
5) A
6) B

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