18 Geography Based Sites

1) Which of the following are top travel sites we examined in class
a) Expedia
b) Travelocity
c) Orbitz
d) All of the Above
e) None of the Above

2) What kind of reviews are on Yelp?
a) Restaurants
b) Shopping
c) Hotel
d) Health & Medical
e) All of above

Answer: 1) d 2) e

1. Today is less about this class and more about?

A: Using tools for other classes and your jobs

2. This is who's favorite day of the semesters

A: His wives, she is "a math freak"

3. Orginal geography based sites did what?

A: Searched for pages form certain areas of the world

4. Google Earth is Professor's Moores what?

A: Absolute most favorite time wasting tool

5. With Google earth you can?

A: Download google information from a hotel website and it will add markers on your google earth account

6. Travel sites top three?

A: Expedia, Travelocity, and Orbitz (Kayak is now almost as busy)

7. Local search, city guides, mapquest local, but growing? T/F

A: T

8. What traffic tool is intergrating twitter for real time traffic updates?

A: Waze

9: If you are ever look specific information about a country and you don't start with this site you are wasting your time. What is this site?

A: CIA Factbook

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