19 Video Search

1) What is a Deep Video Search Engine?
a) It searches videos based on titles
b) It searches videos based on tags
c) It searches for content within the video content and audio
d) It only searches for videos with deep philosophical meaning
e) a&b&c

2) Which describes features of pod-o-matic
a) It allows users to search for podcasts
b) It is only for ipod users
c) It allows users to upload podcasts
d) a&c
e) All of the above

3) Which of the following Video Search Engines is not a Deep Video Search Engine?
a) Blinkx
b) Truveo
c) MegaVideo
d) VideoSurf

4) Blinkx is a unique Video Search Engine because
a) It has a "Wall of Query Results"
b) It is a Deep Web Search Engine
c) It offers a video playlist option
d) It has scroll over auto video play
e) All of the Above

5) Youtube is what kind of video search tool?
a) deep web, site-specific
b) deep web, web-wide
c) general web, site- specific
d) general web, web-wide

Answer 1) e 2) d 3) c 4) e 5) c

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