20 Metasearch

1. Which below describes Soovle?
a) real-time search
b) metasearch engine
c) unified interface
d) a&c
e) b&c

2. How do you define an integrated metasearch engine?
a) Gathers results from one single website
b) A search engine that finds only images and blogs
c) A search engine that purposely ignores Google, Bing, Yahoo results
d) It combines the results from multiple search engines into one result list
e) None of the Above

3. Name 3 different integrated metasearch engines that we have used in class.

4. According to the results from our in class exercise, on average, which metasearch engine is better than Google at finding the most relevant results for your query?
a) Info.com
b) Scour
c) URL

5. How do you describe an unified interface for a metasearch engine?

6. Kosmix provides you with direct links to videos from popular websites like YouTube and Hulu.
True or False?

7. Which unified interface metasearch engine allows you to view results from the most popular search engines on one page as you type in your query?

a) Soovle
b) Joongel
c) Zuula
d) Search.IQ

8. Which integrated metasearch engine has a function that allows you to view comments and changes in popularity status in live-update form?

a) URL
b) DogPile
c) Scour
d) Search.com

9. Which integrated metasearch engine claims to be the "world's most private search engine?"

a) Info.com
b) StartPage
c) DogPile

10. What was StartPage formerly known as?

a) bmFast
b) umRapid
c) ixQuick
d) tpSwift

11. Which integrated metasearch engines draw their results from Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask?
a) Info.com
b) InfoSpace
c) Dogpile
d) All of the above

12. Which unified metasearch engine integrates the "10 leading Websites" in each search category?
a) Zuula
b) Soovle
c) Joongel
d) Search.IQ

Answers: 1. e) 2. d) 3. Info.com, StartPage, Search.com 4. a) 5. It provides a single interface, enabling quick and easy switching between the results of different search engines 6. True 7. a) 8. c) 9. b) 10. c) 11. d) 12. c)

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