21 Social Sites: Test Questions

Final Test Questions

Why did "delicious" undergo a site name change?

A. To make the address more "user-friendly"

Name the 3 largest social bookmarking sites

A. Digg.com, reddit.com, delicious.com

Which social site has been steadily declining in traffic volume over the past couple years?

A. Slashdot.org

Which of the following terms is not used when describing a social bookmarking site?

A. taxonomy
B. folksonomy
C. Diggonomy
D. tags

Answer: (C)

Name the three types of social networking sites

  1. Social news (based on tagging)
  2. Social bookmarking (based on voting)
  3. Social Activity (shopping, etc.)

Which of the following best describes Yahoo! Buzz?

A. Social networking site
B. Social shopping site
C. Social news site
D. Social advertising site

Answer: (C)

Which site aids the user in discovery random websites matched to personal preferences?

A. Reddit.com
B. Stumbleupon.com
C. rayogram.com
D. Rangen.com

Answer: (B)

What is the most popular social bookmarking site?

A. Twitter
B. Facebook
C. Myspace
D. Delicious

Answer: (D)

Which of the following is NOT a common feature of a social bookmarking site?

A. "What's hot"
B. Voting
C. Time Periods (Last month, last week, last day)
D. Tags
E. They are all part of social bookmarking sites

Answer: (E)

Which social bookmarking site changed its name from del.icio.us to ease the ability of consumers to enter the address?

A. deliciouse
B. delicious
C. Delici
D. delicioustwo

Answer: (B)

Which social news site allows you to move sites up or down, with arrows, in order to express interest in the article?

A. digg.com
B. reddit.com
C. delicous.com
D. fark.com

Answer: (B)

Which social news site allows you to write your own news article?

A. digg.com
B. newsvine.com
C. reddit.com
D. Mixx.com

Answer: (B)

Which of the following social news sites is most similar to digg.com?

A. mixx.com
B. propeller.com
C. reddit.com
D. delicious.com

Answer: (B)

Which of the following is the tag-line for slashdot.com?

A. News for nerds. Stuff that matters.
B. News for many. Stuff for all.
C. News for geeks. Stuff with meaning.
D. News for all. Stuff for many.

Answer: (A)

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