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Which of the following websites are providing free Wi-Fi on airplanes and/or in airports this holiday seasons?

  1. Google, Bing
  2. Google, Yahoo, Bing, Craigslist
  3. Yahoo, eBay, Craigslist
  4. Google, Yahoo, Bing, eBay
  5. 1 and 3
  6. None of the above.

Answer: 4
Source: Google Music Search

Bing is succeeding in stealing users from Google.

  • True
  • False

Answer: False
Source: Is Bing Really Hurting Google?

According to Google, which search term is most popular when searching for web-based radio stations?

  1. Internet Radio
  2. Pandora
  3. Online Radio
  4. Online Music

Answer: Online Radio
Source: Search Engines Help Internet Radio

Zotero is used for:

  1. Bookmarking web sites
  2. Saving internet citations
  3. Taking notes in your web browser
  4. Store PDFs
  5. All of the above
  6. 1 and 3
  7. 1, 2, and 4
  8. None of the above

Answer: 5
Source: Zotero

Google's newly implemented safety feature is called:

  1. Safetynet
  2. SafePlus
  3. SafeSearch
  4. USafe
  5. None of the above

Answer: 3
Source: SafeSearch

True or False: Microsoft announced it would include tweets in search results before Google.


Source Does Google Need Twitter?

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