01 Introduction

Description of what the course is about, what we'll do in the class, why students should take it, why all their friends should take it.

Class held on 09/09/2009. (student notes; possible questions).

My notes

  1. Introduce myself.
  2. Go through the class pitch on SlideShare
    • At the end of the pitch have a discussion about the merits of the class, what they're thinking, what they think sounds good, what sounds confusing.
    • Slideshow
  3. Take role; use the Photo Roster
  4. Course wiki
  5. Discuss interesting parts of class from my perspective:
    • practical
    • class wiki (that is open, evolves, contains blog so that we all can teach each other)
    • twitter (I'm drsamoore)
    • individualized learning
    • project-centric
    • your own wiki
    • so much changes from year-to-year; for example:
      • Yahoo/Microsoft Live to Bing
      • Lots of tools disappeared
      • Existing tools have improved
      • New tools have appeared
      • Lots of information available on the Web; I capture stuff that's of interest to me on delicious — specifically, under the bit330 tag.
      • Lots of news and blogs available
    • the class is revised from last year
      • 4 totally new days
      • 3 mostly new days
      • every other day has changed non-trivially (because of technological changes, if nothing else)
      • we learned lots about what tools are good, bad, and indifferent
    • web-based almost completely
    • little reading but lots of doing
    • lots of small tasks; can't fall behind
  • Office hours: MTW 3:30-4:30 in the Winter Garden

To do

  1. Get a twitter account if you don't already have one.
    • If you have a cell phone for which you are not charged unlimited texting, then I'd like you to set this up with twitter.
    • I have set it up (for now) so that my phone will receive tweets from 9am-9pm.
    • Go to Settings/Devices (from the home page) after you have set up your account.
    • Also upload a photo so that I can see who is tweeting me.
    • We will do more with this in future classes.
  2. Sign up as WikiDot member
  3. Apply for membership to the BIT330 web site.
  4. Sign up for class notes or questions (as described on the assignments page).
  5. Sign up for search industry updates (as described on this page).
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