10 Real Time Information

We learn about real time information exchange and social networks, and get an introduction to real time search tools.

Class held on 10/07/2009. (student notes; possible questions).

Class structure

  1. Go through “At beginning of class” information
  2. I'll lecture for a bit — but no slides today
  3. Work on today's exercises

At beginning of class

On your own

  1. Read the current to-do list on the course home page.
  2. No grades (too much other prep going on)

What I'll cover

  1. I loaded all of the slides from this semester for each day I did a lecture.
  2. RSS search experiment results
  3. Search engine analysis assignment


  1. When Twitter results are included with other results, they overwhelm everything else.
Communication channels
Channel Mobile Private Public based Length Concurrent
email ? x x varied
chat x x x x short x
microblog x x x ? short
texting x x x varied
Facebook x x x x varied ?
blogging x medium
Uses of Twitter
For business For personal
polls stay in touch with friends
advertise events share photos, videos
follow what people are saying about your product monitor what's really current
reminder of events and information get answer to a question
bring attention to Web items, YouTube
provide personal touch with customers & clients



  1. bit330 realtime at delicious
  2. The ultimate guide for everything Twitter
  3. An Illustrated Guide To Using Twitter
  4. Hashtags explained
  5. 50 Useful Twitter Tools for Writers and Researchers

Real-time search

  1. Scoopler (about)
  2. OneRiot (about)
  3. Collecta — realtime search for blog posts, articles, comments, twitter, flickr, twitpic, youtube
  4. MicroPlaza — "welcome to your personal micro-news agency. Discover relevant information filtered by the people you follow."
  5. Surchur — "the dashboard to right now";
  6. Addict-o-matic — "inhale the web"; instantly create a custom page with the latest buzz on any topic
    • seems best for actively tracking a topic versus coming to it with a random query
  7. Yauba — search that tries to be all things to all people
  8. FeedMil (about) — "real-time feed search"

General search based on real-time information flow

  1. Topsy — "a search engine powered by tweets"

Twitter search

  1. Search at Twitter
  2. Tweetzi (help) — "real-time Twitter search & trends"
  3. TweetMeme — "hottest links on twitter"
  4. TweetGrid (how-to, FAQ) — "create a Twitter search dashboard that updates in real time."
  5. CrowdEye (about) — "what all the twitter is about"
  6. Twitter Power Search
  7. BackType (about) — "a conversational search engine"
  8. TwiST — "Twitter Search Tool"
  9. Tweetag
  10. Combining Twitter search with regular Web search
    • Twiogle — "search twitter & google at the same time"
    • BingTweets — "fusing twitter trends with bing insights"

Twitter trends

  1. TwitScoop (watch the live buzz cloud; search; hot trends)
  2. Twazzup — "search twitter. get real insights."
  3. Twendz (about) — "exploring Twitter conversations and sentiment"
  4. Twopular — "trends on Twitter aggregator"
  5. Twemes (about) — "twitter memes — global tags for twitter" (hashtag grouping and searching)
  6. Twitt(url)y (about) — "We track and rank what URLs people are talking about on Twitter."
  7. Retweet Radar — "Finding trends in the mountains of information 'retweet'ed on Twitter."
  8. Trendistic (help) — "see trends in twitter"
  9. TweetVolume — find out how frequently specific words appear in tweets.


  1. TwitPic — "share photos on twitter"
  2. TweeTube (about)— "sharing stuff on Twitter"

Local search

  1. NearbyTweets — finds tweets in your neighborhood
  2. AskTwitr — look at tweets on a map
  3. TrendsMap — "real-time local Twitter trends"

Twit search

  1. Twittorati — "Twittorati tracks the tweets from the highest authority bloggers, starting with the entire Technorati Top 100 and soon including many more of the web's most influential voices."
  2. TwitSeeker (about)— "who you're looking for…by what they're talking about"
  3. Twibs — Twitter business directory
  4. LocalTweeps — "a ZIP-code level Twitter directory"

Other Twitter tools

  1. BackTweets — "search for links on Twitter"
  2. Cloud.li — real time cloud generation of search results
  3. TwitterFall — "Twitterfall is a way of viewing the latest 'tweets' of upcoming trends and custom searches on the micro-blogging site Twitter. Updates fall from the top of the page in near-realtime."
  4. PollDaddy — polls on Twitter
  5. TwitLinks — "The latest links from the worlds top tech twitter users."
  6. MySkyStatus — Real time flight tracking updates. Shows your flight's location to twitter and facebook followers


  1. TwTask — manage to-do lists from Twitter
  2. Twit2Do (faq) — "create to-do lists with twitter"
  3. Postica (faq, twitter) — create and share sticky notes across the Web

Other real-time tools

  1. uberVU (tour, tools) — "easy way to find and follow conversations"
  2. ReadTwit (about)— converts Twitter feed into an RSS feed (with URLs un-shortened, filter users in/out of feeds, and filter out #hashtags).
  3. Near real-time search on Google
  4. Enable real-time updating of RSS feed readers from publishing blogs
    1. RSSCloud
    2. PubSubHubBub

Using Twitter

  1. TweeTree (about) — "we built this site to help us better use Twitter"
  2. TweetCloud — "what's being said?"; gives you a tag cloud that helps summarize the tweets of a specific user. Can help you decide whether or not to follow a twit.
  3. Twitter Karma — helps you see whether or not you are following your followers, whether your followers are following you. (Click on the "Whack!" button after logging in to Twitter.)
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