16 Wikidot Day

We go through some special features of Wikidot while also quickly discussing some tools for investigating the popularity of certain Web sites.

Class held on 11/04/2009. (student notes; possible questions).

Web site popularity

Wikidot issues

  1. Question from student: "We have blog:blogtitle and we can see them all by going to bloglist. Can we make a template for other things, like to list feeds or reviews?"
    • Create (e.g.) news:_template (and have the contents be something like "blog:_template")
    • Create (e.g.) news-stories (and have the contents be something like "bloglist")
    • You can also look at my code on the homepage for the list of announcements (annc), schedule items (sched09), and blogs (blog).
  2. Images not showing up
    • Make sure the image name is allOneWordWithNoSpaces.
  3. Header images
  4. Help with coding Wikidot
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