17 Image Search

We discuss and explore the variety of image resources and search tools available.

Class held on 11/09/2009. (student notes; possible questions).

Class structure

  1. Go through “At beginning of class” information
  2. Go through diagram explaining page monitors & RSS filters
  3. Work on exercises (tweets)

At beginning of class

  1. No new grades.
  2. Tags on your pages (on this site and your own site).

My notes

  1. Diversity of image search tools
    • Basic image search on the Web
    • Search for images related to news stories
    • Search for images on flickr
    • Search for images by "similarity"
    • Search for images of a person's face
    • Search for images related to what's going on right now
    • Search high quality for-pay or for-free images

Basic image search

  1. Google Images"Ann Arbor" example, only large black & white of Ann Arbor
    • Can search by size, type of image, color, and description, of course
    • Under advanced image search, you can search for images related to news content, that have faces in them, that have a specific file type, or that are from a specific domain (.edu or a specific site)
  2. Ask Imageslarge B&W photos of Ann Arbor
    • Can search by size, filetype, color
  3. Yahoo Imageslarge B&W of Ann Arbor
    • Can search by size, color, domain
    • "Travel overlay" — consider Las Vegas, NV (look in left column)
  4. PicSearch (and advanced search page)

News image search

  1. Images at Yahoo News — you can't specify to search for images but they appear at the top of the results page
    • This works as a direct link — just replace "football" with your own search term
  2. Images at Google News — again, you can't specify to search for images directly; you'll have to click on Images on the left side
    • This works as a direct link — just replace the "detroit+lions" with your own search term

Flickr search tools

  1. Flickr
  2. Compfight: a flickr search tool
  3. Behold: a Flickr search tool

Similar images

  1. Pixolu — search for [eiffel tower]
    • Searches Google, Flickr, and Yahoo
  2. At Google Images, you can search for "similar images"
    • Starbucks coffee and then click on "Find similar images" on the image you like
  3. I wish they were better:
    1. GazoPa — find similar images
    2. TinEye — find similar images

Face search

  1. Exalead
  2. Google Images
  3. I wish these were better:
    1. Picitup — image search (plus face search and "similar" search)
    2. FaceSaerch

Real time image search

  1. PicFog
    • Just watch the images go by on the home page
    • Or you can also search
  2. TwitCaps
  3. PicBrk

Stock photography

These are recommended by Presentation Zen.

  1. Inexpensive (but good)
    1. iStockPhoto
    2. Getty Images - free for students?
    3. DreamsTime
    4. Fotolia
    5. StockXpert
  2. Free (but not bad)
    1. MorgueFile
    2. Flickr's Creative Commons images
    3. ImageAfter
    4. StockXchng
    5. EveryStockPhoto
    6. FreePixels
  3. Cyclops: a stock-photo image search site
  4. EveryStockPhoto
    • eiffel tower
    • Advanced search allows for license, shape, and "safe search"
  5. US Library of Congress images

Blog ideas


  1. Where to find free images and visuals...
  2. LIFE magazine photo archive hosted by Google
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