25 Google Inc.

We discuss the history, technology, and business model of Google, Inc.

Class held on 12/07/2009. (student notes; possible questions).

At beginning of class

  1. You should check your email for information about your test.
  2. Your final blog is due today. Be sure that your grade database information is up-to-date.
  3. The only assignment you have left is the term project.
  4. I have a request: Please send a tweet (or multiple) with #bit330 in it and suggest a search engine (or two) that you want to share with the rest of the class on Wednesday (our "Other Search Engine" day). You have blogged about or analyzed multiple search engine-related topics this semester beyond what we covered in class. I would like to make sure that the good ones that you have discovered are shared by all. (And also warn us off of search engines that you think are particularly awful.) Thanks for your help. Please do this by 6pm today (but right now would be okay).
  5. I will be discussing Google today.

Resources for today

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