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We explore a not-quite-random collection of search engines that we haven't looked at as a class. Many of these were suggested by students in this class.

Class held on 12/09/2009. (student notes; possible questions).

At beginning of class

  1. Google — review
  2. Rest of the semester:
    1. 12/14: Semester summary, project unveiling
      • By the time class begins, you should have made your site public. You need to keep it public at least until the beginning of next semester (early January). At that point you can do anything you want with it, though I would prefer that it be kept public.
      • If you would like to make a 2 minute presentation to the class about your project (because it's so cool!), please send me an email.
      • By the end of Tuesday 12/15, I would like a short blog entry (it would be approximately one page if printed) on your project site that basically summarizes this information (and covers those things that you would have liked to have covered if you had been given more time). The point of this blog entry is to make it easier for me to grade your assignment. You want to point out the good things about your site so that I don't overlook them. Point out those parts that took particular effort on your part or that you think are deserving of special attention (for some reason) on my part. This entry won't be graded per se; I will use it as a guide while grading your project.
  3. Office hours will end at 4pm. I have a meeting with the Dean about BA201.
    • I will hold office hours on Thursday from 3:30-4:30.


Video search sites

  1. ChizMax: lyrics and video search engine (Matt K)
  2. CastTV: "casttv is a pretty good video search engine, much better than hulu and comparable to clicker" (Liz J)
  3. Tudou: "One of the largest online video sites in China" (Liz J)
  4. ClipBlast: world's largest video search (Ray Park)
  5. Hello Movies: a great place to find movies to watch (Ray Park)
  6. Videosurf: "for a great video search engine use videosurf it has everything every other video surf engines offers, plus a great interface" (Tim F)
  7. PirateBay: "i dont think you want to be talking about torrenting, but the pirate bay is really good and no pesky ads" (Roberto J)
  8. ScrapeTorrent Torrent Metasearch Engine
Video Search popular in Foreign Countries: Youku and Tudou are popular in China, has Chinese video contents (news, shows, user content) as well as US videos (subbed of course)
  1. Youku
  2. Tudou
Index Video Sites: Indexes shows from a variety of sources, very frequently updated. Shows are usually found a day later
  1. Alluc
  2. OVGuide


  1. Fizy: easy way to find songs and music videos; "Might want to check out music search engine Fizy.com. Simple, but really gets the job done. Like YouTube but with playlists" (Adrienne G)
  2. Songza: "Songza has become a daily staple for me. The playlist feature makes it something I can minimize and leave on for hours." (Nikhil G)
  3. Grooveshark: "Awesome, it has popular playlists, allows you to share playlists with friends and to make as many playlists as your heart desires."
  4. PlayList: "similar to songza, but better layout. great for listening to songs you don't have downloaded, can create playlists" (Diane B)
  5. Music Map: "you type in an artist, and it visually recommends similar artists for you. very cool!" (Diane B)
  6. The Hype Machine follows music blog discussions (Omer I)
  7. Stereo Mood: we've created a way to suggest songs that follow your feelings (Nikhil G)
  8. Musicovery: Like Stereo Mood but better interface and ability to link with your Itunes library (Vitaliy I)

Updated sites

  1. Google Trends: notice the "Hot Topics" their new real time search tools.
  2. Google Caffeine - New UI for Google
  3. At Google, notice the new real-time search results under "Latest results".
  4. At Google Finance, streaming news is available. Also note the "Sector summary" at the bottom of the page.
  5. Be sure that you're aware of the Related searches option and the Wonder wheel option.

Other (from students)

  1. Hakia: "I really enjoyed using Hakia this semester and want to tell the rest of the class about it on Wednesday!!" (Rachel B)
  2. WolframAlpha: "for one of the most unique search, or should I say computational knowledge engines, check out wolframalpha.com the site is sick…" (Larry W)
  3. Cuil: "if you are interested in the very basics about a topic you know little about, www.cuil.com is pretty useful. don't expect more tho" (Mike D)
  4. Living Stories: "The Living Stories project is an experiment in presenting news, one designed specifically for the online environment. The project was developed by Google in collaboration with two of the country's leading newspapers, The New York Times and The Washington Post." (from the home page of the site)
  5. Yahoo Glue: "pretty sweet. Similar to Kosmix. Kind of like a meta-search engine." (Joe K)
  6. PDF Database (Ray Park)
  7. Scribd: "Good website full of all types of freely downloadable documents, mostly pdfs. You can see the files on the website before you download them, which is helpful." (Dan B)
  8. Yebol: "Yebol is a new search website that could be useful if you are looking for a directory search, but don't use it for a regular search" (Michael A)
  9. Gigablast: "Gigablast was an awesome search engine that we didn't explore in depth. It returns a bunch of relevant results and great news sites" (Isaiah M)
  10. Sport Search (Andrew C)
  11. Funlus: "the game search engine" (Joe C)
  12. StumbleUpon: "great for just finding cool websites online/wasting time" (Tim F)
  13. Googlism: "an opinion site that may turn some unflattering results" (Rob L)
  14. Zebra Tickets: "a good site to visit when trying to find and compare ticket prices of concert and events (metasearch)" (Rob L)
  15. Foodieview: "if you are looking for a good cooking search engine try http://www.foodieview.com/, lots of cool customization" (Dan B)
  16. Epicurious: A good search tool for recipes and more. Also has a good community aspect.
  17. Boorah: "a restaurant review site" (Ran F)

Health search



Other (from me)

  1. CoolIris — the coolest browser search plugin AWESOME
  2. iSeek (about): focuses on ways to refine your search quickly and easily
  3. Quintura (about): visual information web
    • example: [detroit lions], [carbon trading]
  4. SenseBot In-depth search (about): in-depth summaries of Web pages on a topic plus a tag cloud
    • example: [carbon trading] (50 pages and 20 sentences) — really interesting.
  5. Hakia (about): quality, not just popular, search results
  6. Exalead (about): thumbnails, search expansion
  7. Cluuz (about): advanced results display
  8. FactBites (about): results based on content analysis instead of link popularity
  9. Evri (about): summary information, relationships, facts, web search, images, videos
  10. Lexxe (about): lexical analysis and clustered results
  11. Search Cloud (help): use of a “cloud tag” interface to create the queries
    • example: [carbon trading, environment, credits (in decreasing order)]
  12. Tip of my tongue (about): find words
  13. Abbreviations (about): find abbreviations and acronyms by category
  14. CarZen (about): automobile search
  15. IconFinder (about): exactly what it says!
  16. Snooth (about): wine search
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