27 Wrap up

We wrap up the semester and all that we have learned.

Class held on 12/14/2009. (student notes; possible questions).

Before class

  1. Requests
    • Please keep this wiki public for the next year (at least). As you know these projects would be a lot of help to next year's class.
    • After I (actually) grade your blogs, I still would like you to transfer your "10" blogs to this course Web site. Again, this will help next year's class.
  2. Reminders
    • Here is the list of student wikis.
    • Make your wiki public.
    • Be sure that all of your blogs (and notes) are in the grades database.
  3. Announcements
    • I will send twitters out when I have updated the grades database over the next 10 days.
    • Don't expect final grades until the middle of next week. Again, I'll send a twitter when I've posted them.
    • No more office hours.
    • I will keep this wiki available and will continue to update it. I plan on using this same address for next year's course wiki.


  1. Student presentations
    • Liz
    • Billy
  2. My final presentation
  3. Course evaluations (go to CTools)
  4. Discussion
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