Student List 2009
Name User name Uniqname Twitter Title (with link)
Michael Averbook maverboomaverboo maverboo maverboo Movie Distribution Industry
Leore Avidar bavidarbavidar bavidar bavidar US Based Online Brokerage Firms
Diane Bao dbaodbao dbao dianedbao Medical Device Industry
Rachel Basaldua rachbasarachbasa rachbasa rachbasa Mid-end Fashion Industry
Dan Bilen dabilendabilen dabilen dabilen Solar - Alternative Energy
Josh Bostwick joshuaaajoshuaaa joshuaaa jbostwick08 Parcel Delivery Industry
Elijah Bowe eboweebowe ebowe easyfam US Footwear Industry
Andrew Campbell campandrcampandr campandr campandr The Soft Drink Industry
Billy Chen WdchenWdchen wdchen wdchen Crime and Violence
Joe Cox joecoxjoecox joecox joecox Entrepreneurship
Michael Danhof mike_danhofmike_danhof mvdanhof mikedanhof Green and Renewable Energy
Jim Egerer JEgererJEgerer JEgerer Rollover2k Banking Regulation - Internet Gaming
Ran Fan ranfanranfan ranfan iranwithafan U.S. Coffee Industry
Kristen Freels kfreelskfreels kfreels kristenfreels US Fast Food Industry
Allen Filush afilushafilush afilush afilush US Smartphone Industry
Tim Fornero tfornerotfornero tfornero tfornero netbooks
Adrienne Green aegreenaegreen aegreen aegreen22 E&Y US Airline Clients
Nikhil Gupta nikguptanikgupta nikgupta nikgupta1 Music Recording Industry
Omer Ismail oish330oish330 oish ohms4 German Auto History
Vitaliy Ivanov vivanovvivanov vivanov VitaliyI The US Beer Industry
Liz Jadwin jadwinjadwin jadwin jadwine General Electric Company
Roberto A. Jimenez robo24wolverinerobo24wolverine rajimene robo24wolverine Gaming Industry
Matt Keagy mkeagymkeagy mkeagy mkeagy Commercial Aviation
Joe Kimsal jkimsaljkimsal jkimsal jkimsal Tobacco Industry
Robert Lay rolay117rolay117 rolay rolay117 Health Care Technology
Xiaoyan Lee xyleexylee xylee gleexy Electronic Display Industry
Jenny Martinec jenmmartjenmmart jenmmart jenmmart Luxury Hotel Industry (USA)
Isaiah Montgomery imontyimonty imonty imonty88 Movie Industry & Warner Bros.
Nikhil Pajankar npajanknpajank npajank nikhil17 Asset Management Indusrty
Moon Soo (Ray) Park moonparkmoonpark moonpark moonsooraypark Investment Banking
Keyur Patel keyurpatkeyurpat keyurpat kp20 The Amusement Park Industry
Larry Warbasse lwarbasselwarbasse larrykw larrywarbasse Twitter

This page contains a list of students in the class offered Fall 2009.

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