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  1. rachbasa #BIT330 #video YouTube: 9 Great stuff…I use YouTube all the time. It is a great place to find funny videos!
  2. rachbasa #BIT330 #video Megavideo: 0 wow i really disliked this site. I don't like how it kept taking me to sites with advertisements
  3. rachbasa #BIT330 #video Veoh 5: is not as good as hulu
  4. rachbasa #BIT330 #video metacafe: 4 YouTube is better
  5. rachbasa #BIT330 #video Clicker 8: Does not have as many Desperate Housewives episodes as Hulu.
  6. rachbasa #BIT330 #video Hulu:10 I think I have found a new addiction! I love Hulu they have desperate housewives episodes!!
  7. kristenfreels #bit330 #video Google Video: 8: Just like Yahoo, had pretty good quality videos and great options, just wish it had the thumbnail view
  8. kristenfreels #bit330 #video Yahoo Video: 8: Quality of videos was better than a lot of the other sites, and I liked the grid layout and filter options
  9. kristenfreels #bit330 #video Blinkx: 9:love the setup! the categories are nice to browse through too. great quality videos.
  10. kristenfreels #bit330 #video Truveo: 8: I liked the selection of videos from different categories on the home page. It somehow got me sidetracked..
  11. kristenfreels #bit330 #video podOmatic: 6: not much useful commentary on the fast food industry, but overall it seemed pretty cool
  12. ohms4 #bit330 #video Clicker: 8: good collection of media from other places
  13. ohms4 #bit330 #video Veoh: 7: nice interface, easy to use and something different
  14. ohms4 #bit330 #video Hulu: 8: their commercials are great
  15. afilush #bit330 #video clicker: 0: no results for my topic. bummer!
  16. afilush #bit330 #video Hulu: 10: great for watching TV shoes…I spend a lot of time here, but not so much for my topic
  17. ohms4 #bit330 #video MetaCafe: 7: MegaVideo? MetaCafe? Are they different?
  18. afilush #bit330 #video veoh: 6: the owner of this site loves clint eastwood movies, and it had info on smartphones. I'm a fan
  19. afilush #bit330 #video Metacafe: 8:lots of fun for searching for entertainment…i enjoy this site!
  20. jkimsal #bit330 #video Clicker: 8: Probably will be better in future. Still not bad now. The related shows when I searched were pretty accurate.
  21. rachbasa #bit330 #video Blinkx: 3 I really don't like how it takes you to other sites to watch videos that just takes too long
  22. campandr #bit330 #video Clicker: 8 Pretty great site for my company project.
  23. imonty88 #bit330 #video Clicker: 7: Awesome for some TV shows, but not enough resources. They should get access to "24."
  24. afilush #bit330 #video megavideo: 2: my "sports" search results returned anime and massage videos…not what I'm looking for
  25. jkimsal #bit330 #video Hulu: 9: Have spent countless hours Huluing It's Always Sunny episodes. Too good.
  26. imonty88 #bit330 #video Veoh: 7: Good variety of videos (reactions, trailers, interviews). Not a ton of search results like other sites.
  27. campandr #bit330 #video Hulu: 8 Great site. I can watch some great tv shows here.
  28. jkimsal #bit330 #video Veoh: 9: My Veoh is a cool way to personalize. Combined with solid features all around makes this better than most.
  29. afilush #bit330 #video dailymotion: 8: relevant results, but most sites reference the same material. I don't see how this provides much added value
  30. imonty88 #bit330 #video Hulu: 10: Love that I can watch TV episodes for so many of my favorite shows.
  31. mikedanhof #bit330 #video dailymotion: 5. nothing new, nothing cool, ads w/ sounds are annoying. will not be using.
  32. larrywarbasse #bit330 #video Clicker:7.5: Cool layout, like the way they display the site the video comes from. Results were pretty relevant as well
  33. moonsooraypark #bit330 #video Clicker: 4: it seems like they don't maintain a lot of video but does a pretty decent job finding good videos
  34. imonty88 #bit330 #video MetaCafe: 7: Not as many results, but also a good site for finding trailers. Quality doesn't seem to be up to par.
  35. campandr #bit330 #video Metacafe: 6 Cool site but I dont like the ads before the videos.
  36. jkimsal #bit330 #video MetaCafe: 8: I'm feeling the home page setup. Search results are similar to others. It's all about aesthetics at this point.
  37. imonty88 #bit330 #video DailyMotion: 8: Also a great site for finding full length films - either new or old releases.
  38. jenmmart #bit330 #video clicker:6 good if i wanted to watch tv, bad for my project topic
  39. larrywarbasse #bit330 #video Hulu:8: Great results, nice, simple layout. I dig.
  40. imonty88 #bit330 #video YouTube: 10: Best time-wasting site I've used ever.
  41. imonty88 #bit330 #video VideoSurf: 8: I like the hovering mouse effect that allows you to see screenshots from video. Found cool behind sceens clips
  42. jkimsal #bit330 #video MegaVideo: 7.9: Decent. Again, nothing I haven't seen already. I guess the name's pretty serious though.
  43. larrywarbasse #bit330 #video Veoh:2: Numerous results were definitely irrelevant, many even inappropriate.. Not good. Bad layout as well.
  44. robo24wolverine #bit330 #video clicker: 9: divides everything by source. This is good and cool. about 2 hours ago from txt
  45. jbostwick08 #bit330 #video clicker:6: tailored specifically for tv shows/media, not much else, could be a good or bad thing depending on your intentions
  46. jenmmart #bit330 #video hulu: 9: i watched shows all summer on hulu because i didn't have a tv. therefore I appreciate it.
  47. rachbasa #bit330 #video Yahoo Video: 4 not happy with the video selection or the layout of the site
  48. robo24wolverine #bit330 #video Hulu: 10: I can watch most of my shows? For freeeee? YES!!! about 2 hours ago from txt
  49. jenmmart #bit330 #video veoh:4: again…bad results. organic wheatgrass. i like sites with good results and dislike others. is that too difficult?
  50. ohms4 #bit330 #video DailyMotion: 0: I refuse to use sites that have ads that use sounds
  51. mikedanhof #bit330 #video however, i don't know why Osama bin Laden showed up on Videosurf LEED search…so more like 4
  52. campandr #bit330 #video DailyMotion: 5: Not a bad site but not a great site. Cool that you can search by creative content.
  53. jkimsal #bit330 #video Dailymotion: 8: Reminds me of @tfornero - nothing special, but gets the job done. jkjkjk
  54. moonsooraypark #bit330 #video Hulu: 9: awesome job on finding illegal dramas hehehe LOL: does a decent job on quality…lame experience though
  55. robo24wolverine #bit330 #video veoh: 8: Same old song and dance…mostly the same stuff in different order about 2 hours ago from txt
  56. mikedanhof #bit330 #video Videosurf: 7. results were fairly relevant, esp. for LEED(surprisingly), but most were just about getting certified, not info
  57. imonty88 #bit330 #video Pod-o-matic: 4: I can't find much use for it. Some decent reviews of films.
  58. ohms4 #bit330 #video YouTube: 10: no real need to comment. the most content, but I don't like the new ads popping up on videos.
  59. afilush #bit330 #video YouTube: 100000: nuf said
  60. larrywarbasse #bit330 #video Metacafe:3:Horrible results… Not even near relevant…Pretty cluttered as well.
  61. rachbasa #bit330 #video Bing Video: 7 like how it starts playing the video when you run your mouse over it!!!
  62. afilush #bit330 #video videosurf: 7: results were not too great, but I really loved the homepage. the site is more entertainment focuses, and is fun
  63. aegreen22 #bit330 #video Clicker: 10: IN LOVE with the layout, has good filters AND the airdate sort option! Easy to use but very detailed. Mwah.
  64. campandr #bit330 #video YouTube: 9: Site is too great. Funny videos, music videos, anything I could want.
  65. jbostwick08 #bit330 #video Veoh: 4: fewest results returned for any of the tools we explored today, frustrating because 90% of the videos didn't play…
  66. moonsooraypark #bit330 #video Veoh: 10: one of my favorite sites. very good for foreign movies and music videos. tends to have high relevant videos
  67. robo24wolverine #bit330 #video metacafe: 8.5: Very hulu-like feel. Had popups, though. And good channel system. about 2 hours ago from txt
  68. mkeagy #bit330 #video clicker: 7: another search engine that falls in the "eh whatever" category
  69. jenmmart #bit330 #video metacafe:7 pretty good video results
  70. ohms4 #bit330 #video videosurf: 8: I love how you can see the clips to preview the videos
  71. rachbasa #bit330# Video Google Video:8 better news videos than bing but I don't like the advertisements that pop up on the bottom
  72. mikedanhof #bit330 #video Veoh: 0.1. wow. educational and how-to results are not relevant to my topic. at all. in no way. EPIC. FAIL.
  73. jadwine #bit330 #video Veoh 3: Don't try and search for General Electric… you'll get anime. And they don't have the new Melrose Place episodes :(
  74. mkeagy #bit330 #video hulu: 10: will you marry me?
  75. imonty88 #bit330 #video Truveo: 7: I like the side menu that provides recommended channels which helps you filter results by web site.
  76. VitaliyI #bit330 #video Clicker: 4: Great relevant videos just not a lot of them
  77. robo24wolverine #bit330 #video youtube: 10: Fun stuff, relevant stuff, stuff i wasnt looking for but thhat interested me. Hooray! about 2 hours ago from txt
  78. ohms4 #bit330 #video podomatic: 5: nice for searching podcasts, but it's a bit slow and all the ads are just clutter
  79. aegreen22 #bit330 #video Hulu: 9: Could have better filters but finally a search engine that will sort by air date, not just when the video was added.
  80. larrywarbasse #bit330 #video VideoSurf:4: Worst results, cluttered layout, not that great…
  81. iranwithafan #bit330 #video clicker: 6: seems similar to Hulu, but links back to the network's site instead of just watching it on the site…
  82. moonsooraypark #bit330 #video Metacafe: 5: okay website for video searches…it doesn't seem like they have a lot of videos..decent quality vidoes.
  83. jbostwick08 #bit330 #video Metacafe: 7: like the convenient filter options right at the top, however, academic results are scarce…
  84. afilush #bit330 #video podomatic: 1: returned 3 results, I of which was relevant. not so special, this site was
  85. imonty88 #bit330 #video Megavideo: 10: Awesome links to recent DVD releases with high-definition quality. Also has some films that are still in B.O.
  86. jadwine #bit330 #video Metacafe 7: Found a great six sigma video! woot!
  87. VitaliyI #bit330 #video Veoh: 0: Congradulations! best of the worst for number of resluts 10 results vs 4 but 0 relevant
  88. mkeagy #bit330 #video veoh: 6: less relevant results. great if i wanted to watch "airline" the movie, but nothing for "airline industry"
  89. ohms4 #bit330 #video Truveo: 5: if you want to search cnet TV, this is the right place. good for info, but not user-created content
  90. campandr #bit330 #video Megavideo: 6: Great site with high quality. I had trouble finding certain things through its search though.
  91. maverboo #bit330 #video Clicker: 7: Playlist looks like it is pretty cool, now instead of just a music playlist you can have a video too!
  92. robo24wolverine #bit330 #video dailymotion: 2: Barely any results different, and add some popups. No thannk you! about 2 hours ago from txt
  93. iranwithafan #bit330 #video hulu: 8: Not good for this project, but I go to Hulu on daily basis for TV shows.. it's a great tool that saves me time
  94. larrywarbasse #bit330 #video YouTube:9: The classic video search. Can't be beat. Although it only takes videos from the site, the simple layout is great
  95. jadwine #bit330 #video MegaVideo: 2, everything took a long time to load and I didn't get any relevant results… @tfornero is way better
  96. wdchen #bit330 #video Clicker: 3: Not that great for news related videos,but provides you with good movie/tv.Has a side bar to show the sources
  97. VitaliyI #bit330 #video Metacafe: 4: More entertainment videos decent results not very relevant
  98. jenmmart #bit330 #video megavideo: 4: what is supposed to great about this? and what would you pay for?
  99. campandr #bit330 #video VideoSurf: 7 Pretty cool site. Lots of options for different videos to search.
  100. iranwithafan #bit330 #video Veoh: Eval: 8: slick interface and categories and even though it doesn't give me much for proj, for daily use, it's great.
  101. jbostwick08 #bit330 #video Hulu: 3: zero relevant results to my industry, but great resource for tv shows, obviously.
  102. afilush #bit330 #video Truveo: 9: I like the ability to sort searches from source, and this site appeals to me b/c they have a lot of CNET links!!
  103. moonsooraypark #bit330 #video MegaVideo:10:the best site for finding foreign videos.decent quality vidoesfeature are lacking but very good relevant results
  104. aegreen22 #bit330 #video Veoh: 9: Wish I could use multiple filters at once and had a source list, but results are good and the layout is great.
  105. maverboo #bit330 #video Hulu: 8: Really cool how you can see lots of full episodes of tv shows
  106. mkeagy #bit330 #video metacafe: 7: ho hum. just another average video search tool
  107. kristenfreels #bit330 #video VideoSurf: 8: Great results, love the filtering options. Has more official results than some other search engines
  108. jkimsal #bit330 #video YouTube: 9.5: What can I say? YouTube has always been there for me. I like it more than I like Timmy.
  109. VitaliyI #bit330 #video Megavideo: 0: None. Zero. Nada. Net. No hay. No relevant results and that is out of 2 results period.
  110. robo24wolverine #bit330 #video Megavideo: 6: i use this all the time, but you need external sites to link you. Impossible to find videos diy. about 2 hours ago from txt
  111. larrywarbasse #bit330 #video VideoSurf:8: Great results, nice layout and appearance
  112. jenmmart #bit330 #video dailymotion: 6: i don't understand what "creative content" necessarily means
  113. mikedanhof #bit330 #video megavideo: 6.5. some early results were good. when I saw Chris Angell and Pokemon? yea the quality is gonna go down.
  114. VitaliyI #bit330 #video DailyMotion: 1: Only 3 results and 1 relevant
  115. aegreen22 #bit330 #video Metacafe: 5: Results not that relevant, way too cluttered and another site with an advertisement/popup problem…yawn.
  116. jadwine #bit330 #video Hulu: 7: Love Hulu to watch shows but got really interesting results for my search, such as episodes of General Hospital
  117. robo24wolverine #bit330 #video videosurf: 8: Searches the best entertainment sites, like espn, comedy central, and hulu. Mostly entertainment. about 2 hours ago from txt
  118. kristenfreels #bit330 #video YouTube: 8: A ton of results (but not as many as Bing). I also like the "suggested" keywords to help you explore content
  119. moonsooraypark #bit330 #video Daily Motion: 9: very useful for finding music videos. high quality videos. good relevant results overall good search tool
  120. maverboo #bit330 #video Veoh: 3: 3 main categories are anime, sci-fi, and beautiful girls, I think this website is for lonely 13 year old boys
  121. iranwithafan #bit330 #video Metacafe: 5: gave a lot of results, but not as many ways to filter it… special syntax don't work (e.g. " ___ ")
  122. larrywarbasse #bit330 #video PodOmatic:4:Results all seem to be from the same few places/people not much variety, not the best features either
  123. afilush #bit330 #video blinkx: 6: worked fine but i dont see much of a difference from the main sites. the embedded wall would make this much better
  124. mikedanhof #bit330 #video metacafe: 7. good results, but filter categories a bit broad and vague. layout is too busy for my tastes.
  125. joecox11 #bit330 #video Clicker: 8: I like the results separated by source and the ability to search by category along with many others
  126. VitaliyI #bit330 #video Youtube: 6: Good "comfort search engine" we are all familiar with it, but there are other sites that do more
  127. wdchen #bit330 #video Hulu: 4: [crime] query results in clips of movies/tv shows…otherwise if you want news videos, not good at all
  128. ohms4 #bit330 #video Blinkx: 7: good collection of content, but not as intuitive as other video sites.
  129. moonsooraypark #bit330 #video YouTube: 8: This is how you waste all of your time…quality tends to stink but the content is sometimes hilarious
  130. jadwine #bit330 #video Youtube 8: Still love youtube.. .same videos as Google, not as good of news clips as Bing
  131. nikgupta1 #bit330 #video megavideo: 2: Even though I'm generally a fun of "dumb funny," this site is too much. about 2 hours ago from Twitterfall
  132. imonty88 #bit330 #video Blinkx: 10: Awesome tool. Love the multiple screen shots on one screen. I really wish I could embed it on my wiki.
  133. Rollover2k #bit330 #video Clicker: 4: Sorry clicker, you seem just a bit worse at everything than the others; only unique feature is the trending lists
  134. wdchen #bit330 #video Veoh: 3: Results are terrible if you want news related things. Good for tv shows and movies
  135. jkimsal #bit330 #video VideoSurf: 9: The home page is set up very well. Love how you can find the faces in videos.
  136. larrywarbasse #bit330 #video Truveo:6:Eh. Not that great. Not great results, the only good thing is that you don't have to leave the site to watch videos
  137. campandr #bit330 #video Pod-o-Matic: 2 : I just didnt find the results that I wanted and I think it is because of the type of site. Still not fun
  138. maverboo #bit330 #video MetaCafe: 7: Cool thing is you can download software to save metacafe videos on your computer
  139. VitaliyI #bit330 #video VideoSurf: 5: Relevant results but only 30.
  140. imonty88 #bit330 #video Yahoo Video: 8: High Quality trailers makes it up to par with Bing and Google. I got less search results overall.
  141. jadwine #bit330 #video VideoSurf 3: Only one news video of GE within the last month… update much?
  142. wdchen #bit330 #video MetaCafe: 5: Results are not that great and neither is the layout. A toolbar to show various filters would be good
  143. ohms4 #bit330 #video Yahoo: 5: obviously not the amount of content as YouTube, but still pretty good..
  144. mkeagy #bit330 #video megavideo 2: im insulted it suggests i watch "the sluts of reality tv"
  145. jbostwick08 #bit330 #video Megavideo: 7: watched many tv shows/videos here, always found them via google, now i cant find them through megavideo itself!
  146. afilush #bit330 #video Yahoo Video: 8: Easy to use and every result was relevant. But I rate Yahoo + Google behind Bing cause sorting isn't as easy
  147. VitaliyI #bit330 #video PodOmatic: 4: No relevant results for the project but is an interesting idea when searching for other topics
  148. Rollover2k #bit330 #video Hulu: 8: Very good at what it does tv + movie content is great — pretty weak for news searches and things of that nature.
  149. maverboo #bit330 #video MegaVideo: 3: Has far too few popular categories, and many don't seem like they are actually too popular
  150. mikedanhof #bit330 #video podomatic: 1. could not find any relevant results, for my topic or other podcasts I actually subscribe to already. epic fail.
  151. iranwithafan #bit330 #video Megavideo: 4: I'm usually linked to Megavideo through other entertainment sites. Limited results for coffee and time limit
  152. aegreen22 #bit330 #video MegaVideo: 2: Only 3 results, none were relevant. Plus you can only watch videos for about an hour each day unless you pay.
  153. moonsooraypark #bit330 #video VideoSurf: 6: Decent video search. It seems like they don't have much videos but the experience is pretty cool
  154. robo24wolverine #bit330 #video Podomatic: 8: Excellent for finding podcasts, or to find specific episodes if you just want to learn about a specific topic. about 2 hours ago from txt
  155. joecox11 #bit330 #video Hulu: 6: Average results at a plain site. Seems to be better for just clicking around when you're bored.
  156. tfornero #bit330 #video Clicker: Eval: 8 good results, nice layouts, professional videoes
  157. kristenfreels #bit330 #video DailyMotion: 6: More "creative" content than "official" content, but at least the stuff was mostly relevant
  158. iranwithafan #bit330 #video Dailymotion: 5: only returned 4 results :( I like daily motion otherwise though, usu. go to it for international content
  159. aegreen22 #bit330 #video Daily Motion: 4: Too many ads, and Firefox had to block a couple popups from this site. Also needs better filter interface.
  160. mkeagy #bit330 #video dailymotion: 4: waste of time. srsly.
  161. wdchen #bit330 #video MegaVideo: 4: Good setup and good for movies, but not that great for my crime results
  162. VitaliyI #bit330 #video Truveo: 5: Only ~550 results and 1/4 not related.
  163. Rollover2k #bit330 #video Veoh: 8: Limited results, but super relevant — Just noticed you can RSS all these vid searches.. that's cool.
  164. iranwithafan #bit330 #video youtube: 8: good place to just browse for videos, not sure if I trust it for broad coverage on news for a research project
  165. jadwine #bit330 #video Blinkx: 4: Disappointing, like the videos playing while you're looking at results, but the clip stopped during a news report
  166. larrywarbasse #bit330 #video Blinkx:8: Best layout, nice features, but only decent results.
  167. afilush #bit330 #video Google Videos: 8: I'm pretty sure I could wast all day on this site…or any video site. Plenty of extremely relevant results
  168. imonty88 #bit330 #video Google Video: 9: Ton of results make it easy to find what I'm looking for. I will probably use this site the most.
  169. tfornero #bit330 #video hulu: Eval: 8 even though searching netbooks isn't what Hulu is made for, very good results, great site
  170. joecox11 #bit330 #video Veoh: 7: Quality Video search with decent results, but bad layout. Great filters.
  171. jbostwick08 #bit330 #video Videosurf: 7: very similar to youtube with the layout, most actually appear to come from youtube, most unique so far
  172. jkimsal #bit330 #video PodOmatic: 4: Not a big podcast fan. You can find me back on Truveo.
  173. mkeagy #bit330 #video youtube: 8: while i love youtube for viral media, it lacks legitimate results for academic projects
  174. aegreen22 #bit330 #video YouTube: 8: Results for my industry not great but I can always find the obscure songs/music videos I love - so, props.
  175. kristenfreels #bit330 #video Megavideo: 3: Mostly dumb homemade videos from bored teenagers
  176. mikedanhof #bit330 #video Truveo: 7. had several good results early on, but then some random German vids showed up. yeaaa.
  177. robo24wolverine #bit330 #video truveo: 8: Good channels system allows sifting through the way too many videos. Good sorting system. about 2 hours ago from txt
  178. jenmmart #bit330 #video youtube:6 I naturally doubt the expertise of video post-ers here, but some users seem legit.
  179. Rollover2k #bit330 #video MetaCafe: 6: Pretty meh in every way, think some of these sites are surviving on hosting capabilities.
  180. tfornero #bit330 #video veho: Eval: 7 accurate results, some enhancements, but nothing is really wowing me
  181. ohms4 #bit330 #video Bing Video: 6: content is pretty good, but could go without the forced ads
  182. joecox11 #bit330 #video metacafe: 7: Limited but good filter options. Like the featured video, but ads are annoying and irrelevant
  183. kristenfreels #bit330 #video Metacafe: 7: Pretty decent, has a ton of results but not many filter options to narrow down results
  184. VitaliyI #bit330 #video Blinx: 9: Great relevant results, really like the interface
  185. tfornero #bit330 #video metacafe: Eval: 6 accurate results…. that's it…..
  186. jkimsal #bit330 #video Truveo: 9.5: Tied for my favorite. Great for TV shows. Love all the channels, and recommended channels. Da best
  187. imonty88 #bit330 #video BingVideo: 9: It's very easy to find movie trailers for upcoming WB releases. I love that the video plays when mouse hovers
  188. maverboo #bit330 #video dailymotion: 4: Returned far too few results for my liking, fairly useless too me
  189. campandr #bit330 #video Truveo: 9 : I really enjoy the fact that I can filter by certain websites. It makes the search experience better.
  190. mikedanhof #bit330 #video Clicker:5. first results good, then downhill from there. source results on right is a nice feature tho, esp for credible vids
  191. Rollover2k #bit330 #video MegaVideo: 5: Really limited results for anything serious, can't imagine this being more useful in any way than others.
  192. afilush #bit330 #video Bing Video: 9: I don't know if I am going to switch from youtube, but it is really making me second guess
  193. mkeagy #bit330 #video videosurf 8: great filtering options!
  194. robo24wolverine #bit330 #video blinkx: 6: You just search for a topic and then it starts playing whatever came up. A bit obnoxious…imo. about 2 hours ago from txt
  195. VitaliyI #bit330 #video Yahoo: 1: Horrible, just 4 results and only 1 is relevant
  196. tfornero #bit330 #video megavideo Eval:5 no results for netbooks, but i know i've used this website to watch movies online before
  197. nikgupta1 #bit330 #video metacafe: 7 It's great for its purpose. The front page categories are convenient - it's something that I could use daily. about 2 hours ago from Twitterfall
  198. joecox11 #bit330 #video MegaVideo: 6: I like the layout of the results, it is easy to look at, and helpful filters. But very limited results
  199. VitaliyI #bit330 #video Google Video: 7: Good relevant results, nice to have the engine of goole doing the search
  200. wdchen #bit330 #video Dailymotion: 5: Ok layout for conducting searches. Query for [crime] is not that relevant, but ppl tag so that helps too
  201. tfornero #bit330 #video dailymotion: Eval: 7 relevant results, no real wow factor though, not many enhancements
  202. mikedanhof #bit330 #video Blinkx: 6. decent results, layout is kinda crappy, auto playing not cool. not really feeling it.
  203. jenmmart #bit330 #video videosurf: 9: I also like the still-screens at different points and filters by providers
  204. aegreen22 #bit330 #video VideoSurf: 10: Best results by far, cool clip lines, and all my results didn't disappear like others when I sorted by newest.
  205. Rollover2k #bit330 #video DailyMotion: 9: Check out the extras on the bottom of page, videowall, coding tools, etc.
  206. maverboo #bit330 #video Youtube: 9: I don't like how you can't see videos in a grid view, which would be more helpful to compare videos
  207. jkimsal #bit330 #video Blinkx: 9.5: My favorite so far. Tons of categories. Love the wall you can create. Home page rules too. Entertain me button!
  208. moonsooraypark #bit330 #video Pod-o-matic: 3: its okay in its features…can't find much in terms of videos and relevant information…don't see much use
  209. jadwine #bit330 #video Yahoo: 6: Fine, but I like Bing better. I like it advanced search options though, like show only official videos
  210. joecox11 #bit330 #video Dailymotion: 5: Bad results, and too much irrelevant info
  211. robo24wolverine #bit330 #video Yahoo Video: 8: Pretty useful. Lot of overlap with bing and google, though. about 2 hours ago from txt
  212. campandr #bit330 #video BlinkX retweet. The entertain me tab on the first page gets a 10
  213. iranwithafan #bit330 #video videosurf: 6: like the breakup by category, not that confident in the results that were returned, show face seems pointless
  214. tfornero #bit330 #video youtube: Eval: 8, i mean, it's youtube, nothing really that special compared to these other sites, enhancement wise
  215. aegreen22 #bit330 #video Podomatic: Layout is to plain and no good filters. Plus, all the results currently displayed are from the same source. Blah.
  216. wdchen #bit330 #video Youtube Videos: 7: Initialy [crime] query is not that relevant, but by searching for [news on crime], better results found
  217. ohms4 #bit330 #video Google Video: 9: Like YouTube, but a nicer interface and can view multiple videos on one page
  218. VitaliyI #bit330 #video Hulu: 10: For the project it is hard to find a lot of relevant results but entertainment it is a great high quality tool
  219. joecox11 #bit330 #video YouTube: 8: Good results, user-friendly, good filters and searches. Don't like the ads
  220. iranwithafan #bit330 #video podomatic: 5: couldn't really find anything relevant to coffee… plus, I don't listen to podcasts..
  221. robo24wolverine #bit330 #video Google Video: 9: good stuff. Much better than bing. about 2 hours ago from txt
  222. larrywarbasse #bit330 #video Yahoo Video:8: Very relevant results, but layout and features not as good
  223. jenmmart #bit330 #video podomatic: 2: 1-2 results that don't seem to be about luxury hotels
  224. mkeagy #bit330 #video podomatic 8: didnt expect much, but im impressed!
  225. ohms4 #bit330 #video MegaVideo: 7: a ton of content available, but annoying to use.
  226. maverboo #bit330 #video Videosurf: 9: Has Awesome scene view feature where you can view parts of a video by time.
  227. campandr #bit330 #video Blinkx: 8: Delivers pretty good videos and I like the playlist option. filtering is a bit novice in my mind
  228. Rollover2k #bit330 #video Youtube: 8: Hmm never really took notice but youtube is nothing special, only popular for hosting capabilities?
  229. tfornero #bit330 #video Videosurf: Eval: 10 awesome tool, great interface, love that you it shows you thumbnails of the video at random points
  230. joecox11 #bit330 #video VideoSurf: 8: Results were not the best but very user-friendly with many options
  231. VitaliyI #bit330 #video Bing: 8: For my project, great number of relevant results
  232. mkeagy #bit330 #video truveo: 7: decent, needs some improvement but i see potential. the #1 result for [airline] is a 60s clip of a lady typing
  233. jkimsal #bit330 #video Yahoo! Video: 7: Search results were not that relevant.
  234. tfornero #bit330 #video podomatic: Eval: 6 ok results, not easy custimization, hard to quickly tell quality
  235. mikedanhof #bit330 #video hulu: 6. found out about a segment on green building. but that was about it for results. great for watching TV episodes tho.
  236. robo24wolverine #bit330 #video Bing Video: 8: you can only narrow down by one source, but you can preview it by moving mouse over it about 2 hours ago from txt
  237. jadwine #bit330 #video Google: 8: Found two great videos for my project, still think Bing is better though
  238. Rollover2k #bit330 #video VideoSurf: 9: Shyeah the whole frame train to the left of the video is ridiculously useful
  239. jenmmart #bit330 #video truveo: 4: [los angeles luxury hotel] returned a video about recalled toothpaste…i fail to see the connection.
  240. moonsooraypark #bit330 #video Truveo: 5: Nice layout…tends to be focused on entertainment and some nice features. sort of like it depending on situation
  241. jbostwick08 #bit330 #video podomatic: 3: don't see myself using this site for anything really, never listened to a podcast before… doesn't seem useful
  242. aegreen22 #bit330 #video Truveo: 8: Featured results aren't the most relevant but ones on the right are-plus like the layout & tons of sources
  243. joecox11 #bit330 #video Pod-o-matic: 7: like that you can search by episode or podcast
  244. maverboo #bit330 #video Podomatic: 5: I don't like it because I don't think podcasts are very useful, I would rather watch a video
  245. kristenfreels #bit330 #video Hulu: 7: very few results, but they were relevant, interesting, and funny!
  246. mikedanhof #bit330 #video Yahoo: 7.5. like the layout, and pop-up descriptions (when they are relevant; hence the point knock off). relevant results 2.
  247. jkimsal #bit330 #video Google Video: 8: Like Bing's layout better. Apparently Celine Dion foresaw moon water before we did…http://bit.ly/2do2f4
  248. wdchen #bit330 #video VideoSurf: 8: After a simple [crime] query, the results are relevant. Provides good filter features to generate better resul
  249. tfornero #bit330 #video Truveo: Eval: 8 like the enhancements on the right side, and the sorting on top
  250. jbostwick08 #bit330 #video Truveo: 5: few relevant results, no live preview, pop-out player that consumes entire screen
  251. maverboo #bit330 #video Truveo: 6: The layout is too messy, there are too many things that take up space that should be used by videos
  252. iranwithafan #bit330 #video Truveo: 8: Good filtering, esp. ability for specific channel. Wish the related videos would be more relevant
  253. jenmmart #bit330 #video blinkx: 7: it's fun and I like that you can set up a video playlist, but not many filter tools
  254. larrywarbasse #bit330 #video Google Video:7:Only about 40% relevant results, but nice layout
  255. Rollover2k #bit330 #video Podomatic: 3: Bleh..hard to imagine why I'd use this over other options… results/layout/search options all pretty weak
  256. mikedanhof #bit330 #video GoogleVideo: 9. Green building and LEED gave good, relevant results, like how to be LEED certified, LEED for dummies, etc.
  257. wdchen #bit330 #video PodOmatic: 3: Results are poor and does not provide you with very relevant results. Not very good filter features
  258. jbostwick08 #bit330 #video youtube: 10: not many academic results, but it got me exactly what I wanted regarding the crazy new mexico soccer girl.
  259. aegreen22 #bit330 #video Blinkx: 5: Video thumbnails are too small and I don't like that a random video in the left corner plays automatically…
  260. nikgupta1 #bit330 #video Veoh: 6 Not a huge fan of the layout, but I like the "music" sections - sorted by popular artist and whatnot. about 2 hours ago from Twitterfall
  261. campandr #bit330 #video YahooVideo: 3: I'm not sure if they have wrapped their mind around the idea of filters yet. couldn't find one besides time.
  262. mkeagy #bit330 #video Blinx: 6: Nice format, lousy results—not that relevant or recent
  263. mikedanhof #bit330 #video revised Bing: 7. LEED gave me no relevant results. boo.
  264. tfornero #bit330 #video blinkx: Eval: 8 Really cool interface, like how videos play when you scroll over them, wish advanced search was easier
  265. maverboo #bit330 #video Blinkx: 9: The wall feature is the most amazing feature ever, you can see and compare 25 videos at once, all related
  266. moonsooraypark #bit330 #video Blinkx: 2: Pretty cool experience but stinks at finding the relevant info…like some of the features like the wall videos
  267. Rollover2k #bit330 #video Truveo: 9: Nice layout, advanced search features are upfront — sponsored sidebar that you can't change is kind of annoying
  268. joecox11 #bit330 #video Truveo: 8: Like the results, and ability to filter by top ranked, popular, ratings, and recent
  269. wdchen #bit330 #video Truveo: 8: Provides good crime results and allows you to filter where the results are from. Also has other filter features
  270. jenmmart #bit330 #video yahoo: 5: the video still-shots are nothing to write home about.
  271. jadwine #bit330 #video Clicker: 9: Not as relevant for my project but I love how you can watch live tv streams
  272. iranwithafan #bit330 #video blinkx: 6: dislike the ads, but seems like it pulls from many sources (youtube included). Limited to sort by relevance & date
  273. jbostwick08 #bit330 #video Blinkx: 5: mostly news clips or how-to videos — not really relevant to my search query or industry. neat playlist function
  274. larrywarbasse #bit330 #video Bing Video:6:Not the highest quality results, about 25% relevant to what I want, but some cool features available
  275. jkimsal #bit330 #video Bing Video: 9: Tons of ways to filter. Solid results. Am searching moon water, tobacco is too boring.
  276. mkeagy #bit330 #video Yahoo Video: 5: didnt expect much, didnt get much.
  277. wdchen #bit330 #video Blinkx: : 8: Results are satisfactory, but not so great. A lot of the crime results are not that relevant
  278. moonsooraypark #bit330 #video Yahoo Video: 4: Nothing special for this site…acceptable quality and relevant info…not too sure about the sources
  279. nikgupta1 #bit330 #video Hulu: 8: Quagmire's on the front page. Giggity goo. I do like the high def option. Results for my topic are mediocre at best. about 2 hours ago from Twitterfall
  280. campandr #bit330 #video GoogleVideo: 7.5: The general feel of the site is not as enjoyable as Bing. refining is almost the same but a bit worse
  281. Rollover2k #bit330 #video Blinkx: 9: Searches an enormous amount of sources (see advanced options)
  282. maverboo #bit330 #video Yahoovideo: 5: I found it to be very difficult to use because many times you have to go to another website to see the video
  283. jadwine #bit330 #video Bing: 9: Love it, if you want to find recent news this is a great site, also gives you suggestions to search on
  284. mkeagy #bit330 #video Google Video: 8: Better than bing, filtering options are convenient
  285. jenmmart #bit330 #video Google: 8: a lot of relevant videos
  286. kristenfreels #bit330 #video Clicker: 4: only 10 results, not all very relevant. The most relevant one required me to pay for it..
  287. tfornero #bit330 #video Yahoo Video: Eval: 6, nothing special, enhancement are weak
  288. joecox11 #bit330 #video blinkx: 4: There are 3 duplicate results on the first page. I don't like how the top video starts playing automatically
  289. mikedanhof #bit330 #video Bing:9. 3rd result: how green buildings work. nuff said.
  290. iranwithafan #bit330 #video Yahoo Vid: 7: Less advanced filtering options compared to Google & Bing, but like Google, can also play vid in-screen
  291. jadwine #bit330 #video Dailymotion 6: Found a lot of GE commercials but didn't find much news, even when i typed "General Electric News"
  292. wdchen #bit330 #video Yahoo Video: 7:Layout of website is ok,but could provide youwith more desc.of what video is about.Related searc would be nice
  293. jenmmart #bit330 #video Bing 8: I like the filter options on the side like the length of video
  294. moonsooraypark #bit330 #video Google Video: 5: Decent video search tool. Finds relevant videos most of the time…quality tends to stink
  295. jbostwick08 #bit330 #video Yahoo: 6: Of big 3, yahoo has the lamest "live preview." good transparency though, tells you exactly where video came from
  296. Rollover2k #bit330 #video Yahoo: 7: Pretty similar to google.. would be nice if both sites had their advanced search options on the main page
  297. kristenfreels #bit330 #video Bing Video: 9: Best results I've seen for fast food industry videos, high quality news reports on the topic
  298. tfornero #bit330 #video bing: Eval: 8 search enhancement on the right are a nice touch, overall results where on topic too
  299. maverboo #bit330 #video GoogleVideo: 7: I really liked how you can sort by duration of the video, because sometimes I only want to see a longer video
  300. tfornero #bit330 #video Google Video:Eval: 7 result wre on topic, not a big fan of layout, enhanced search is avlable, advrtsemnt gets a lot of space
  301. aegreen22 #bit330 #video Yahoo Video: 7: Far fewer results than Bing & Yahoo, yet duration filter makes more sense-wish there was a source list though
  302. jbostwick08 #bit330 #video Google:8:I'm upping my eval of google to 8, u CAN watch video on right side & continue searching. i still like live preview
  303. joecox11 #bit330 #video Yahoo Video: 5: I don't like the layout of the results and there is minimal filter options
  304. nikgupta1 #bit330 #video Clicker: 9: surprisingly found content that was very relevant to my music recording industry topic. Clicker looks promising. about 2 hours ago from Twitterfall
  305. iranwithafan #bit330 #video Google Video: 10: it's similar to Bing, but better. I love the close caption option & ability to watch the vid at the right
  306. campandr #bit330 #video Bing Video: 9: I like the way I can refine my search to find only news stories about my company.
  307. maverboo #bit330 #video BingVideo: 9: The sports section of the video search is awesome, you can just scroll through and see all the day's highlights
  308. jadwine #bit330 #video truveo 7: Don't like how they don't tell you the date but love the most recent tab.
  309. jbostwick08 #bit330 #video Google: 6: somewhat disappointed — no live preview, no way to view video w/o leaving Google (except the first result)
  310. aegreen22 #bit330 #video Google Video: 5: Surprisingly terrible, really irrelevant results. Does have the same filters as Bing but fewer sources.
  311. wdchen #bit330 #video Google Video: 9: Allows you to continue watching a video while still searching through others. Provides you with toolbar too
  312. Rollover2k #bit330 #video Google: 8: Viewing pane on the right is cool, and advanced search feature by file type seems unique
  313. iranwithafan #bit330 #video Bing Video: 9: Like the filters by length and source… coffee industry isn't the easiest topic for videos, so this helped
  314. mkeagy #bit330 #video Bing 7: Lots of results, wish they could be sorted more effectively. I want both recent and relevant to appear first!
  315. jbostwick08 #bit330 #video Bing: 9: the live preview is really nice, i'm really surprised Google does not have it… convenient filter options as well.
  316. moonsooraypark #bit330 #video Bing Video: 3: The site isn't that great at finding the relevant videos. Forget about trying to find foreign videos..not good
  317. nikgupta1 #bit330 #video Bing vid: 8: I had no idea that Bing video let you preview the video by hovering the mouse over it. that's awesome. about 2 hours ago from Twitterfall
  318. jadwine #bit330 #video Pod-o-matic: 2, couldn't find anything relevant to my topic.
  319. aegreen22 #bit330 #video Bing Video: 8: Pretty good results, really like the filtering options and the source list along the lefthand side.
  320. joecox11 #bit330 #video Google Video: 8: I liked the results, the recommended and related videos on the right, and the filter options are all helpful
  321. Rollover2k #bit330 #video Bing 8: Nothing real wow about it, but tons of results, good layout.. does the job well.
  322. wdchen #bit330 #video Bing: 7: Gives you some good results and has a handy toolbar on the side that allows you to select from diff. options
  323. joecox11 #bit330 #video Bing Video: 8: I like all the filter options and the ability to start listening to each video w/o downloading it.
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