22 People Search
  1. dianedbao social: 123people: returned the most results, could even map me to some of my friends' houses
  2. dianedbao social: peekyou: couldn't find anything relevant about anyone i looked for…
  3. dianedbao reverse: wow, recognized most home numbers i entered and even had results for a few mobile numbers too!
  4. dianedbao byname: addresses: found history of phone numbers for people i searched, easy to navigate
  5. dianedbao general zoominfo: didn't have specific information, and also couldn't find a number of people
  6. dianedbao: general: whozat: favorite! i like that it tells you what results are from what pages
  7. Rollover2k: social: spokeo: Agree with others, don't want to login with personal email on site that digs for infor about people hah
  8. Rollover2k: social: 123people: Favorite - well organized seems to aggregate the most sources — and the tag cloud is really cool
  9. Rollover2k: reverse: Addresses: Same as byname, good interface/results — first one to nail down cell # searches will own this niche
  10. Rollover2k: byname: Addresses: Favorite - Good results (my last 4 house numbers) and cleanest interface.
  11. Rollover2k: general: ZoomInfo: Least fav, just seemed to have extremely limited results for everyone I searched.
  12. Rollover2k: general: Whoozy:Favorite — Good layout, surprised by how messy the other interfaces are
  13. jkimsal: social: 123people: Besides having to possibly pay for some info, returned good results and transparent about sources.
  14. jkimsal: social: Wink: Didn't return anything about anyone. Boo.
  15. Peekbutton_normal PeekYou RT @campandr: #bit330 #people: social: PeekYou: Found out what social networking sites my friends were on except for twitter
  16. Peekbutton_normal PeekYou RT @jadwine: #bit330 #people: social: PeekYou: Found Timmy! Woot
  17. Peekbutton_normal PeekYou RT @tfornero: #bit330 #people: social: Peekyou: I JUST PEEKED ME!!!!
  18. Peekbutton_normal PeekYou RT @moonsooraypark: #bit330 #people: PeekYou: unique experience compared to other search engine, good relevant result should definitely use
  19. ohms4: social: spokeo: you want my password? no thanks.
  20. ohms4: social: 123people: the dashboard found all kinds of interesting information I did not know about my parents..
  21. ohms4: reverse: ZabaSearch: only found what i was looking for and nothing else
  22. ohms4: byname: WhitePages: the most accurate out of all the white page directories
  23. ohms4: general: ZoomInfo: the only one that didn't find anything
  24. larrywarbasse General: 4: This site provides absolutely no information… Not too great…
  25. kristenfreels: social: PeekYou: didn't work for anyone I tried, old or young.
  26. jkimsal: reverse: Whitepages: Returned even nicknames as results. Also provided age ranges. Pretty good.
  27. larrywarbasse general: Whozat:9: Considering I just looked at this site from the beginning of class until the end, I thought it was sweet.
  28. jkimsal: byname: ZabaSearch: Returned old information. Not interested.
  29. aegreen22: general: Intelius: A lot of these search engines use Intelius, but I think it's horrible! Always inaccurate or shallow!
  30. kristenfreels reverse: AnyWho: scary! works on home phone numbers, but not cell numbers
  31. mikedanhof: social: wink: so apparently most of my family is invisible on the web. including me.
  32. tfornero: social: Peekyou: I JUST PEEKED ME!!!!
  33. kristenfreels byname: whitepages: has great results when it can actually find people
  34. tfornero: social: wink: Fail, can't find my family on this site
  35. mikedanhof: social: 123people: so my search on myself brought up pictures of friends in same group as me….weird.
  36. afilush: general: wink: it found my Twitter! well done!
  37. tfornero: reverse: intelius: thinks my house is in commerce (it's not) and wants me to pay to find out more wrong info
  38. moonsooraypark: social: PeekYou: unique expereince compared to other search engine, good relevant result should definitely use
  39. afilush: general: Peekyou: found all 3 people, but wouldnt show me any info without clicking through like 5 links, only to make me $
  40. aegreen22: social: Wink: Brought up @smcuson's and @drsamoore's twitter pages, but not mine…FAIL. And weird.
  41. tfornero: reverse: anywho: Reverse phone worked for my house!
  42. robo24wolverine: Social: 123people: very confusing interface
  43. nikgupta1: social: PeekYou: Disappointing, I thought the "username" search would be more accurate. well, i'm relieved if anything.
  44. afilush: general: zabasearch: found my father's number with a reverse lookup, but wouldn't show me any info without $$
  45. mikedanhof: byname: 411connect: a decent site, with good results.
  46. mkeagy social: wink: not sure how i feel about some of the random fb pics it displays
  47. tfornero: byname: adresses: Found Mom there, not step-dad
  48. mkeagy social: peekyou: boring, cant find me.
  49. afilush: general: 411locate: found all the homes of people, but not cell #'s. Found addresses as well, very accurate.
  50. jadwine: social: PeekYou: Found Timmy! Woot
  51. nikgupta1: social: 123People: Somehow it led me to "USSearch" - showed my bro's progression from home (MI) to law school (ATL) to NY
  52. mikedanhof: reverse: WhitePages:I've used this a lot. Works well with land lines, but cell phones are a no-go and found an old friend!
  53. jadwine: byname: AnyWho: Stalking Timmy but couldn't find his real results though…. good thing i already have his number
  54. kristenfreels: general: Whoozy: pretty cool, first one to have anything about my sister!
  55. aegreen22: social: PeekYou: It's the only one that returned a correct result, but still really no info.However, gotta say its the best
  56. campandr: social: 123people: Awful site in my mind. But on the bright side I think it found every Andrew Campbell in MI except for me
  57. jadwine: reverse: 411Lookup: Pretty neat tool. Couldn't find my actual home but otherwise it was cool.
  58. jenmmart: social: spokeo: I found stuff based on my email address. Interesting.
  59. moonsooraypark: reverse: AnyWho: Works well pretty cool and would be really useful for the near future
  60. jenmmart: social: PeekYou: it makes you think you can message people, but that's only if they look themselves up on the site…
  61. mkeagy whitepages: anywho: its powered by at&t, of course it sucks.
  62. campandr: social: PeekYou: Found out what social networking sites my friends were on except for twitter
  63. tfornero: general:whozat: Apparently as far as whozat is concerned I only live on twitter……
  64. jadwine: general: ZoomInfo: Not a fan, couldn't find any of the ppl I was searching for.
  65. mkeagy white pages: whitepages: just as bad, finds me but makes me pay to see my info
  66. tfornero: general: isearch: It found me, but then again the wrong e-mail address for me, who is using my e-mail?
  67. jkimsal: general: Intelius: I got more ads than actual results returned. If they knew anything about me, they'd know i have no $.
  68. jenmmart: reverse: AnyWho: Didn't have my number and name
  69. afilush: general: whoozit: not very useful, i couldn't find anything useful
  70. jkimsal: general: Whoozy: I liked this one the best. The way it displays the results is simple and identifies the source well.
  71. jadwine: general: Whozat: Found a really cool article about my family. Sweet
  72. kristenfreels: general: iSearch: creepy, which serves the purpose i guess. it knew the square footage, number of beds & baths in our house
  73. nikgupta1: reverse: AnyWho: Pretty effective, but pretty odd/cluttered results page.
  74. jenmmart: byname: 411 Locate: Didn't find the right information
  75. jbostwick08: social:internet address book:doesn't make much sense, need an account to be found, other than that just returns web results
  76. mkeagy white pages: 411locate: awful, cant find me at all.
  77. moonsooraypark: byname: 411 Locate: works well if you have all the information about a person…otherwise forget about it!!!
  78. afilush: general: pipl: the best of the simple searches. returned relevant results and a job title
  79. nikgupta1: byname: 411 Locate: I like the variety of options it offers. Seems more versatile than other sites.
  80. aegreen22: reverse: WhitePages:CRAZY! Doesn't use Intelius, knows wayyy to much about my mom, her middle name and relatives!! AHHHHH!
  81. mikedanhof: general: Whoozy: fairly limited in its search for people. couldn't find myself, dad, mom, or uncle.
  82. iranwithafan: social: internetaddressbook: did a decent job of finding social network accounts
  83. robo24wolverine: Byname: 411locate: my dad is easy to find…
  84. jenmmart: general: Spock: Not much results, although I should have my sister privatize her facebook…
  85. robo24wolverine: reverse: 411locate: kinda fun to see your house just by phone number, but kinda stalkerish
  86. iranwithafan: social: peekyou : failed to find people based on name or username when results came up through other search tools
  87. mkeagy general: whoozy: my favorite! shows all my social networks and still doesnt know my address :)
  88. VitaliyI: general: Whoozy: Like the fact that you can look at multiple types of searches in one place
  89. nikgupta1: general: iSearch: This is way better. except it gives weird versions of my brothers' names. Vishal = Vismal?
  90. mkeagy general: spock: least favorite. cant find me!
  91. maverboo: social: 123People: Did not give me relevant results, and the webpage is too cluttered, I had to scroll down for hours
  92. wdchen: social: Spokeo: implements an email search that allows you find people through their email addresses. Produced good result
  93. moonsooraypark: general: whozat: has a hard time finding my face…eee…I hate this site, other than that it works well withother faces
  94. moonsooraypark: general: iSearch: tried searching people by their phone number and does a wonderful job on the search too…cool experience
  95. wdchen: social: PeekYou: Good layout but not satisfied with the results. Was unable to find the ppl that I was searching for.
  96. mikedanhof: general: pipl: a bit confusing on the results, and a lot of overlap. but seems to search a lot more than other sites.
  97. nikgupta1: general: Zoominfo: The advanced search feature is pretty useful.I finally found my generically-named named dad, ashok gupta
  98. campandr: reverse: WhitePages: Listed all of the people in my family for my home phone. Pretty accurate I think
  99. jbostwick08: byname: whitepages.com: works for every person with an established home, even everyone in the home (not just the owner)
  100. maverboo: social: PeekYou: Surprisingly found a lot of information on all of my searches, plus gives you the age of the person, sweet
  101. jenmmart: general: ZoomInfo: I like the page set up
  102. iranwithafan: byname: whitepages: could get my address but no phone number.
  103. aegreen22: byname: WhitePages: My favorite. Been using it for years and it's always good, plus it's the only one that knows I'm alive.
  104. iranwithafan: reverse: addresses: couldn't find my phone number, I'm actually pretty relieved.
  105. robo24wolverine: general: Pipl: too much info on other people i dont care about
  106. moonsooraypark: byname: whozat: has a hard time finding my face…eee…I hate this site, other than that it works well withother faces
  107. moonsooraypark: myself: whozat: has a hard time finding my face…eee…I hate this site, other than that it works well withother faces
  108. wdchen: reverse: Anyhow: Not that great. Tried looking for the #'s within my family but was unable to find them
  109. jbostwick08: reverse: AnyWho: does exactly what it's supposed to, doesn't work for cell #s obviously, but works for every home # i tried
  110. maverboo: reverse: Whitepages: The only website that found all of my reverse look-up queries, so it wins my vote
  111. campandr: byname: Whitepages: Has the best search types and I found info on both of my searches
  112. maverboo: byname: Whitepages: Really easy to use layout on the front page, stands out and returns the most results
  113. robo24wolverine: general: whozat: i was actually able to find myself
  114. iranwithafan: general: whozat: layout is really confusing and didn't really do a good job of finding my family..
  115. aegreen22: general: Spock: Man this site is just crap. Who would ever use if tor anything? It's like the MySpace of people search.
  116. wdchen: byname: 411: Was not able to find the info that I wanted after conducting several ppl searches. Good idea, not so good res
  117. iranwithafan: general: pipl: the username feature is pretty accurate, although very stalkerish!
  118. jbostwick08: general: Whozat: Least favorite, I was able to find my dad in every other search tool except this one…
  119. jbostwick08: general: Whoozy: Favorite, I like how the results are filtered by social networking website, also the most sleek-looking
  120. maverboo: general: Whozat: I liked how you can refine your search by concept, like a tagging mechanism. Cool!
  121. campandr general: Pipl: Im not a cfan of how it links you to a page where you can pay for a background check
  122. campandr: general: Whoozy: I like this the best because it gives information by different categories without being too creepy.
  123. maverboo: general: Whoozy: I didn't like whoozy because you have to delve too deep into the website to find any info.
  124. aegreen22: general: ZoomInfo: By far the best. Has the most info and it is the most accurate. Actually kinda scaryy…
  125. wdchen: general: Spock: layout is not very appealing but still provides satisfactory results. Was able to find ppl I wanted
  126. wdchen: general: Whoozy: provides you with pretty good results within various social networking sites and the layout is good
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